Hey guys, what’s up?

Let’s face it. It’s been hard to find good, or even interesting news lately. Between Covid and the election, I find myself spending more time watching videos of dogs and cats than anything else. I like positive stuff and I’ve yet to be disappointed by a cute animal, that’s for sure :-)

That being said, according to Edmunds (a MASSIVE automobile data tracking service that’s been around since 1966), the trade-in value for vehicles went up over 16% just between June and July of this year.

A scarcity of inventory in new vehicles and an increase in demand for used vehicles is causing the value of used cars to increase. Not only that, but it’s also taking less time to sell your used vehicle, as well. 

The bottom line is, if you’ve been thinking about selling your car, now might be the time to pull the trigger. 

One thing you want to know, before you sit down and start bargaining… is how much your car is worth. To do this, check out sites like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds. You can enter your information and they will give you some guidance on what your specific make and model is selling for, based on the condition and current mileage of your car

Even if you’re not going to sell your car but you want to trade in towards the purchase of a new car... it’s important to know what kind of leverage you have.

And in a case like this, you can never be TOO informed.


Chad & Nick - Team TLC

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