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The Most Durable Shine In The World... and the Easiest by FAR.

Checkout this video to see how The Last Coat took on some of today's most popular sealants in a brutal chemical torture test. You won't believe what we put them through.

The Last Coat™ will leave any surface looking polished, protected, and silky smooth, INSTANTLY - Guaranteed.

ONE product for every surface. It's Like Anti-Aging for Your Car.

Gone are the days of needing a bunch of different products to clean, shine, and protect your vehicle. You'll know why we called it "The Last Coat", because it's truly the last coat you'll ever want to use on every surface of your ride.


365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your car or truck deserves the absolute best. All of us here at The Last Coat use all of our own products, and strongly believe in their quality.... but if for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return your product within 365 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

The Easiest Coating Product You’ll Ever Use

The Last Coat can be applied to your car or truck in as little as 20 minutes, no matter the age or shape you're in. It lasts on average 4-6 months, and requires no special experience. It's as easy as...


shake well and spray lightly


Spread Using a Microfiber Towel


Buff to a High Gloss Shine!

Smooth, Glass-Like Feel in Seconds, On First Application

A Favorite by Industry Professionals

Watch what one of the worlds most well known auto detailers has to say about The Last Coat in terms of durability, shine, and ease of use.



Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Last Coat different from the other popular brands out there?

How do I clean the car once The Last Coat is applied? Can I wash it as usual down the road with soap or as I usually would?

Does my car need to be clean first or can it be used on dirty surfaces?

How many cars will a bottle do?

How long do the shine and protection last?

How long does it take to receive my package after ordering?

Does The Last Coat work on interior surfaces, dashboards, and plastics? What about glass? What about tires and rims?

Can I apply The Last Coat onto a Harley with Denim paint?

Does The Last Coat work on water spots and hard mineral spots?

Does The Last Coat leave any streaking or residue?

Can The Last Coat be applied in direct sunlight?

Does The Last Coat protect from UV rays and UV damage?

Does The Last Coat remove surface scratches, and swirls in the paint?

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The Industries Best Chemical Resistance

The Industries Best Chemical Resistance

Don't only take our word for it when it comes to durability. We've been third party tested by some of the most respected detailers in the world, and they've thrown the kitchen sink at us. Check out this video to see The Last Coat, once again, pass with flying colors.

The Last Coat Leaves the Competiton in the Dust!

Traditional Car Wax

Natural Product

DIY friendly

Only 3-5 weeks protection

Lots of routine maintenanceLots of routine maintenance

Regular reapplication needed

Wears thin quickly

More laborous and time consuming

The last Coat

Up to 6 months of protection

Cures Instantly

True ceramic based technology

High chemical resistance and durability

Extremely Hydrophobic

Slick, glass like feel

More affordable than waxes when factoring longevity

Very easy application, no streaking, simple to use

Tightest bonding to the surface of any sealant

Perfect for the DIY'er or Professional Detailer

Protects from sun damage and road salt

Helps prevent oxidation

Durable enough for all marine and aircraft uses

Popular Sealants, Quick Detailers, and Top Coats

Low chemical resistance

Breakdown after washing

Regular reapplication needed

Often requires 8-24 hour cure time

Typically silicone based

Expensive for the durability

Can streak and be messy

Often oil based

Professionally Installed Ceramic Coatings

Long term protection

Very hydrophobic and durable

Requires a certified professional install

Costs between $1000-$3000

Not DIY friendlyNot DIY friendly

Still eventually breaks down

Suggested to use additional topper to preserve

The Easiest Car Care Product You’ll Ever Use - Guaranteed! Grab Yours Today:

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The Last Coat fares far superior than its competition!


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3 Kits + 1 FREE

$319.95 $149.97 ($169.98 savings)


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