Hey guys,

Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten caught up in some kind of “feel good” cause… bought a bumper sticker, slapped it on the back of our cars… and then come to regret it a short while later.

Whether it’s feeling good about your kids grades, or your favorite sports team… or even your favorite band… the truth is, any bumper sticker starts looking crappy after a while.

But removing them is much more difficult than putting them on, right?

Oh yeah.

So here’s the right way to do this:

Get a towel and soak it thoroughly in water. 

Lay the towel over the bumper sticker for somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. During this time, the water in the towel will cause the sticky glue holding the bumper sticker in place, to start softening up.

Once the sticky glue has softened… remove as much of the bumper sticker as you can, with your fingers.

Next, use a plastic razor blade and lift up the edge of the bumper sticker and grab it with your fingers. Pull up as much of the sticker as you can. If it tears (and it probably will), use the plastic razor blade to lift another edge of the sticker, and do the same thing.

Keep repeating this procedure, until you simply can’t do this anymore. 

Typically, at this point you’ll have either plain adhesive left, or a mixture of adhesive and pieces of the sticker. If it’s only adhesive left on the surface, use 50-70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) on a microfiber towel to break down the remaining adhesive, and wipe it away. 

Note that holding the microfiber towel on the adhesive for a few minutes will help break the adhesive down too. 

If both adhesive and sticker pieces remain, spray the surface with 50-70% isopropyl alcohol and use the plastic razor blade to gently remove the pieces. The isopropyl alcohol helps break down the sticker pieces and adds some lubrication for the plastic razor blade against the paint surface. 

Then use the IPA and a microfiber towel to remove the remainder of the adhesive. 

And of course, once you are finished, follow up with a paint protection. 


Pretend you’re scratching something valuable (which, you are). The last thing you want to do is scrape too hard and scratch your bumper or the paint.

DO NOT use chemicals like paint thinners or glue removers. This will damage your paint and cause you a bunch of heartache you don’t need.

Once you’re finished, apply The Last Coat to the area you just cleaned, to protect and restore the area, and then you’re good to go. 

Nick & Chad - Team TLC

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