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If you want to detail your car so it’s 100% Money-Back guaranteed to be shiny, smooth and spotless on the first application… without having to spend hours on end sweating out in the sun… and without having to worry about how one week later, the car looks like it hasn’t even been washed in weeks… then this is the most exciting and important message you will ever hear, and here’s why:

The Last Coat ("TLC") is the World's Highest Performing, INSTANT High Concentration Professional Surface Enhancer that Cleans, Shines, and Protects Within 60 seconds of Application Utilizing Built-In coating Technology.

➡️ Goes on Easy, and Wipes Off Even Easier, No Matter the Age or Shape You're In.

➡️ Easiest Coating You'll Ever Use - Guaranteed.

➡️ Protection and Coating Last Up to 6 Months!

➡️ Extremely hydrophobic and UV protectant

➡️ Smooth, Glass-Like Feel in Seconds Even on First Application.

➡️ Gives Surfaces a Deep and Glossy Appearance.

➡️ Leaves No Streaking, and No Residue.

➡️ Keeps Surfaces Cleaner Longer - Makes Future Cleanings a Breeze

➡️ Protects your vehicle from water, dirt, salt, UV rays, and more.

➡️ Bonds and Sets within 7 Minutes, No Long Curing Times Needed.

➡️ Can Be Layered within 10 Minutes for Enhanced Protection and Depth of Shine.

➡️ An Average Sized Car Takes Only 2-3 Ounces for Full Coverage!

➡️ Based on the Latest Breakthroughs in Liquid Glass Nanotechnology.

➡️ Works on paint, chrome, glass, plastics, leather, vinyl, stainless steel, and more!

➡️ 100% Made in the USA!

Being detailers ourselves, we’ve already proven and field-tested The Last Coat on over 1,125 cars, trucks, and motorcycles that have driven in all kinds of weather conditions. We truly believe we've developed the most powerful product of it's kind. So much so, that we'll also give you a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee on your purchase, so you can purchase with absolute confidence.

REAL People. REAL Results.

We've had tons of customers excited about the results they've received when using The Last Coat. Hear in their own words what they had to say:

Tom Brings His Daily Driver to Life with The Last Coat:


Paul Showcases His "Show Stopping" Camaro:

James "Wows" Us With This Reflection:

We Can't Believe Jons Volvo Has 323,000 Miles and Looks THIS Good:

Karlo Shows How The Last Coat Protects From Rain and Water:

David in Charlotte Showing Off His 2006 Toyota Tundra:

Veronica Shows Us How She Used The Last Coat As a Waterless Wash For Fast Results:



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Although The Last Coat is super simple to use, we do want to give you a few pro tips with our easy 3 Step Professional Process below. 

Keep in mind that before application, especially on first application, it's highly recommended that the surface is clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Some will simply wash, others will clay bar. That is up to you, but a clean bare surface allows The Last Coat to bond as best it can, and last longest. 

Use a soap without waxes so The Last Coat can bond properly.

Step 1:
  For best results, shake well and spray The Last Coat evenly onto the surface you want to enhance, coat, & protect. You don't need to use too much. Setting the nozzle to a mist setting can help with this. An average sized car should only need 2-3 ounces at most. Ceramic coated cars need even less! So you should have enough for 4-6 average car applications, and use it on your appliances, electronics, etc. Typically any issues encountered arise from applying too much of The Last Coat. It's very powerful stuff. If you want a "thick coat" for extra protection, then do so in layers, not in one heavy coat! You only need to wait 7-10 minutes between layers. Ideally, your surface is cool, clean, and dry before applying.

Step 2:
  Spread The Last Coat, while hand buffing into the surface using a clean microfiber towel, flipping to a dry portion of the microfiber towel often during buffing. This will be your "wet" towel. You'll notice that the more saturated it gets, the less you have to spray.

Step 3: Finally, buff the freshly applied coat with another clean & dry microfiber towel (keep this towel dry), to ensure The Last Coat is entirely bonded and applied into the surface, leaving a streak-free, incredibly slick, and amazing shine. Coat one area or section at a time, move to the next and repeat the process. 

FYI, The Last Coat can also be applied with a foam cannon! Check out our Youtube channel or e-mail us to learn more about how.

And that's it! In a fraction of the time of traditional products, you can get a showroom shine, every time, guaranteed - when using The Last Coat!

If you have more questions, make sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions, and also check out our Video Demonstrations to see all the different surfaces and uses for The Last Coat, the World's most versatile and highest performing surface protectant and sealant with built-in coating technology!

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Richard L.
United States United States

Love my last coat

I love it. Spray on wipe off that’s all there’s to it. My cars and bike have never been so shiny. From rims to paint to interior, last coat cleans it all.

Richard L. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
Wayne H.
United States United States

Last Coat to New F150 Lariat

Product goes on very easily and buffs to a perfect shine with little effort. Beads great and left a nice shine. I continue to add coats on too especially on the front of the truck! Seems to protect all surfaces! Very pleased!

Wayne H. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
Mark P.
United States United States

Fan for Life !!!

I have a white 2011 GMC Sierra. We all know white doesn't shine like other darker color vehicles but TLC makes the white shine like nothing else I've used. I'm a fan of TLC and will continue to be loyal because the product works and makes my truck just as good as a new vehicle. Thank you TLC !!!

Mark P. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
William C.
United States United States

Best Ever!

Have accumulated many different brands of auto polishes and enhancers, and by far The Last Coat is the best. Very easy to use and leaves a glass like finish. I was comparing it to my expensive ceramic coating on my other car and I can't tell the difference between the two. I have recommended TLC to many of my friends.

William C. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
United States United States

First time user with Tlc

This item is very good smells very good. Easy to apply. Nice shine to it. Used it on my mother and law suv she was very happy her vehicle was cleaned shined and protected all in one step. I'll definitely be buying more products using this on my future customers cars.

VICTOR R. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
United States United States

F-11. Beware

I am a F-11 customer and I tried last coat and can’t see a difference except for the price. Last coat is less expensive I will continue to use both until I am sure one is truly the better product. So far last coat is the smarter choice price wise Time will tell

JOSEPH D. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
Troy L.
United States United States

Glossy Coat

Excellent overall. Will post more when I start layering on.

Troy L. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
Edward H.
United States United States

Old 1992 Ford Taurus

Applied your product to the old Taurus and it looks incredible!!! We did however clay bar the hood after removing the wax coat with Dawn dishwater liquid on the whole car. Didn’t use very much product at all. Great product to work with!! Thanks

Edward H. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
John C.

Great product

Truck looks great very easy to use

John C. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles
Paul L.

Land Down Under

After a lot of research I chose TLC to try in Australia as there's nothing like it here, and I'm glad I went with it. Easy to apply and a brilliant shine great product guys well done. I have a classic drive that I can't part with, it's 14yrs old so I'm always looking for the best product to protect against Australia's harsh climate. Thanks the car looks great. Well done

Paul L. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone BottlesPaul L. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone BottlesPaul L. verified customer review of The Last Coat™ (TLC) - Standalone Bottles