The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based

31 reviews

The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based

31 reviews

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As with many of our most popular products and bundles, this one came about after surveying our customers on what they wanted. 

One common theme has been that customers wanted a true waterless wash. Something that could be used when no water was available/allowed, or they didn't feel like breaking out the buckets or cannon. 

The other trend as of late has been customers inquiring about Graphene-based products. For those that don't know, Graphene is considered revolutionary nanotechnology that allows DIY'ers and detailers to achieve a deep shine and extremely slick finish on all surfaces with complete ease of application.

Well, we did what we usually like to do, we innovated. 

Introducing the World's first, and only, Graphene-based waterless wash. The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash.

"... but wait, there's more!

That's right. Because although the "G" in the name stands for Graphene, the "O2" is for SiO2, and this unique combo is what will make this product your “GO2” waterless wash.

The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash is a 3-in-1 waterless wash that cleans, coats, and shines any vehicle surface with a web of Graphene and SiO2 ceramic actives.

No other product on the market today combines Graphene and SiO2, let alone in a waterless wash application for all surfaces.

Safe to use on all surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, wheels, trim, and more.

The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash is the first and only product of its kind that incorporates the power of both Graphene and our popular SiO2 ceramic technology into a singular application that helps not only clean surfaces but also makes them glossy, hydrophobic, and slick.

Very, very slick.

The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash is often used on top of existing protection and coatings, creating a web of Graphene that adds amazing slickness, gloss, and shine to the surface. "GO2" can be used frequently and often for your cleaning and shining your ride.

It is not meant to be your base layer of protection such as The Last Coat or Black Ice, but it will save you a ton of time and money for keeping your ride shiny, glossy, and slick.

The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash also adds an extreme layer of slickness
which makes dirt and grime stay away and slide right off the surface.

This flexible and unique formula can also be used as a drying aid when the car is wet if you prefer a more traditional washing experience.

Because we know this formula will be a big hit, we've provided you 16 oz, 32 oz, and gallon-sized options on this page.

Read the directions below and in the video on this page for easy application and beautiful results.


Step 1: Spray an even amount of The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash directly onto the surface that is to be cleaned. Make sure the surface is well saturated with the formula so that dirt and dust particles are well lubricated and encapsulated. Ideally, apply when the surface is cool to the touch.

Step 2: Using a microfiber towel, wipe the dirt away. Ensure to wipe in one direction to lift the dirt from the surface.

Step 3: Using a second, dry microfiber towel, buff off any remaining residue or streaking. If you see any streaking, a light spray of The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash and final wipe/buff is advised. Alternatively, you can also use a water damp microfiber towel to remove any streaking and then dry with a dry towel.

Step 4: Continue steps 1-3 around your vehicle on all surfaces until complete.

Step 5: Enjoy (and show off) the mirror-like shine and slickness.

It's that simple and that easy.

We know you'll enjoy using The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash as much as we have in our own detailing practice. 

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Kelvin L.
United States United States
What a shine

Excellent, took a minute to get the streaks out, but the end results are WOW. I even go two thumbs up from my wife on the shine.

The Last Coat The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based ReviewThe Last Coat The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based Review
Robert B.
United States United States
GO2 Great Waterless Wash

The GO2 waterless wash is a truly great product to remove light dust and dirt from your car without having to drag out all the hoses and buckets. I use it on my ceramic coating and it leaves it slick and glowing. I highly recommend it.

United States United States
Last Coat GO2 works in a pinch

There was some anxiety using this product. I didn’t wash the car and used GO2 as directed. It worked! Make sure that you saturate the area, wipe with a microfiber in one direction; then dry with a clean microfiber towel. If for some reason there is streaking or the a patch dried, you can use a spray bottle with DI water. When you wipe, the dirt and contaminants clump together. It is oddly satisfying. I used GO2 because I previously used The Last Coast, AMP, and CeraTrim on the car a couple weeks ago. Great products! Easy to use.

The Last Coat The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based ReviewThe Last Coat The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based Review
United States United States
It works really well

I have nine cars, all of which have some Last Coat on them. A couple of the cars are ceramic coated, applied by a professional, and when they are washed with the appropriate cleaner, The Last Coat is a great last step. I haven’t tried the waterless wash which I just got, but I’m sure that it will work as well as the other Last Coat Products. Ed

Ben S.
United States United States
The Last Coat does it again!

Another great product from TLC! As always they exceed my expectations. I highly recommend GO2

The Last Coat The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based Review
Neal B.
United States United States
Another great product~

I followed the you tube video's instructions and it went exactly as described!! Road and rain dirt came off easily, Last Coat sealer on the truck, always looks shiny and great even when it gets dirty,,,,it shines!! So far each product I have purchased has performed to spec. and so far (6 weeks ) I have put on one extra coat of carnuba wax,,,just to keep it slick , still sparkling,,!!

Christina .
United States United States
Amazing products!!

Bottles have clear directions, and easy to use formulas. Glides on the car with ease and buffs off nicely. Leaves an incredible shine post wash/wax that repels water!! I love this stuff!!

The Last Coat The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash - Graphene + SiO2 Based Review
Boon P.
Australia Australia
Great stuff

Having read and watched so much about TLC2, I just had to try. It’s really very easy to apply, doesn’t streak, and gives a good shine. I haven’t used it long enough to assess its ability to withstand the onslaught of the weather and regular washes yet though. Overall, I’m quite happy with it.

Armando V.
United States United States
Good stuff

Good stuff, I use all of their products and so far I am quite quite satisfied.

J.P. Morgan
United States United States
Another superb product from TLC

Great stuff, it's easy to use and has a lasting shine