Deep Ice Ceramic Coating

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Deep Ice Ceramic Coating

302 reviews

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When we surveyed our pro detailing customers on what products would be most beneficial for them, a common theme kept coming up. Most of the guys wanted a protective coating that was easy to use, lasted long, had extremely high gloss, amazing slickness, high levels of hydrophobic and self-cleaning ability, and was efficient (meaning very little was needed).

This is the coating detailers will want to have before the competition gets their hands on it. It's efficient, effective, clients will love the results, and it gets detailers a great ROI on coating services.

The Last Coat proudly brings you, by popular demand, Deep Ice.

With unreal hydrophobic properties, Deep Ice was formulated for our pro-detailer customers who wanted to offer longer-term coating services to their customers while generating a great ROI for every bottle they purchase. One bottle of Deep Ice will put hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the pocket of the pro and mobile detailer.

Each purchase comes with the following:

• 8 oz. bottle of Deep Ice, depending on the desired size. An average-sized vehicle takes under 1 oz. for one layer of Deep Ice.

• A high-quality sponge applicator for applying Deep Ice.

• One of our Premium 400 GSM Microfiber towels for buffing off.

Common Questions About Deep Ice:

1) How is Deep Ice different from The Last Coat (TLC2)?

This is probably our most common question. The Last Coat (TLC2) will likely be most people's go-to coating for all surfaces. Deep Ice is for exterior surfaces only. So this means external painted surfaces, glass, vinyl, and matte surfaces.

Both products are extremely durable, but Deep Ice tends to have more longevity as well as more hydrophobics and a tighter beading pattern. Built off similar mesh technology as TLC2, Deep Ice was formulated specifically for external surfaces only and for more longevity, primarily for detailers looking to offer longer-term coating services to their clients.

The longevity and focus on external surfaces are the main differences.

The cure time on Deep Ice is longer, with full curing happening after 7 days, whereas TLC2 full cure is after 24 hours. 
Keep in mind the 7 day cure time is curing before washing, exposure to harsh chemicals, and before applying any toppers such as TLC2 or AMP if desired. After 24 hours, Deep Ice can be exposed to normal driving conditions typically. With Deep Ice, you tend to use even less than TLC2 (hard to believe, yes). An average-sized vehicle exterior can be done often with under 1 oz. per layer.

We also state that for best results with Deep Ice, you will want to apply on a paint corrected surface free of swirls or scratches.

Lastly, Deep Icee is best applied with the included applicator and then buffed off with the included microfiber towel. With Deep Ice it is recommended to discard the towel and applicator after application.

2) Can Deep Ice be used together with The Last Coat (TLC2) and/or AMP?

Yes, absolutely! Since Deep Ice requires a paint corrected, swirl-free surface, after the polishing process (if required) you would apply Deep Ice to be your durable base layer. You would then allow Deep Ice to cure for 7 days before applying TLC2 or AMP. At that time, you can then apply TLC2 and AMP for regular maintenance to help preserve and rebuild on the Deep Ice layer.

3) What surfaces can Deep Ice be used on?

Deep Ice can be used on most exterior surfaces including painted surfaces, matte and vinyl surfaces, denim surfaces, glass, fiberglass, gel-coat, as well as chrome. The surface should be cool to the touch when applying. 

4) Can Deep Ice be applied in direct sunlight, and in what temperature ranges?

Ideally, you are not working in direct sunlight when applying Deep Ice. But, if you must, it is important to work in small 2' x 2' areas when applying. It is best to apply in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and below 90 degrees if possible. All surfaces should ideally be cool to the touch when applying, especially glass and chrome. 

5) Can Deep Ice be used to remove water spots from a surface?

No, the surface should be free of scratches, swirls, and water spots before applying Deep Ice. 

6) Can Deep Ice be applied to a vehicle that has a ceramic coating on it?

With the exception of high end, professionally installed ceramic coatings, Deep Ice should be the base layer when using it. Typically, TLC2 will be best as a topper for a high-end ceramic coated vehicle.

7) Can Deep Ice be used on interior and home surfaces?

No, we do not recommend applying Deep Ice on vehicle interior or home surfaces. 

Full Prep and Application Instructions for Deep Ice:

For best results, and to get the most durability and longevity, you would want a scratch and swirl-free surface (a paint correction) ideally. And also a surface that is entirely clean and stripped free of waxes, polishes, solvents, and sealants (including TLC). Here's what we recommend:

Step One: Wash your vehicle.

Step Two: Decontaminate the paint surface with a clay mitt, clay bar or chemical removal.

Step Three: (if paint requires it, if not move on to step four). Compound/polish (paint correction)the paint surface to remove swirls, defects and bring the surface to a high gloss. 

In terms of what compound and polish to use, we like stuff that is professional-grade but still easy to use. The two that we use personally in-house that can be purchased easily are "The Last Cut" by TLD Detail NV (no affiliation, just similar names). It's a great compounding product that is easier to use than some other professional-grade products. Another that we use is Sonax Perfect FInish, it works well for gloss and minimal clear coat removal, just won't remove a lot of deep swirls as The Last Cut will. We do not recommend many of the lower end polishes that will leave behind residue and such that can be hard to remove via IPA, and thus affecting bonding to the surface and longevity.***

Step Four: Wipe down the vehicle with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) on a microfiber and let the IPA air dry or use a surface prep cleaner. This will remove all waxes, polishing oils if used, and residue to ensure a clean surface.

Step Five: Using a microfiber applicator, spray 2-5 sprays (depending on panel) of Deep Ice directly onto the applicator and then wipe on to paint surfaces in a hashtag type pattern. Then take a CLEAN microfiber towel to buff off Deep Ice to an extremely high gloss, slick finish. For larger vehicles use a new buffing microfiber towel halfway through to ensure full removal. Full removal is very important. Discard towels/applicator after use.

Step Six: If additional layers are desired, wait 1 hour before applying the additional layer. Due to the minimal amounts used when applied, it is a great idea to do 2-3 layers of Deep Ice.

IMPORTANT: Wait 24 hours before water contact and a full 7 days before washing with high-pressure water or soaps, or exposing to harsh chemicals. The full cure time is 7 days.

After 7 days TLC2 and/or AMP can be used to wipe down the vehicle after washing or to remove bird droppings, fingerprints, or to remove light dust. TLC2 will also add layers of protection on top of Deep Ice and help preserve and rebuild it as well.

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Edwin M.
Philippines Philippines
Best coating for your car

Easy to use and really adds protection, gloss and slickness. Ordered two and used it to 3 cars, I have been using a lot of products and this one is there on top.

The Last Coat The Last Coat Black Ice Ceramic Coating (BLOWOUT PRICING) Review
Salvador A.
United States United States
Top Notch Stuff.

First I started with the LAST COAT and I put too much and found high spots. I seen it from a distance. I put too much at once. Don’t put too much.. your going to have a baaaad experience. Then I used AMP.. I learned my lesson so I didn’t use much & wow; it really works. It made everything much more beautiful. Now comes the cream of the crop; ICE… Holy Mary Mother of God. I’m hooked. I’m using all my other products first and changing over. I also used CERA TRIM, holy cow.. all their products really work. For customer grade products they are worth every dime. Finally cost affective products that everyone can use.. a little goes along way.. and last; oh did I say LAST! YEP!! The last coat you’ll ever apply on your car. Just to make sure, I’ll be applying it ever 3-6 months or even every year. Oh, one thing to all the smarty pants out there.. Washing, Iron remover, Clay & polishing will just make everything that much more beautiful. You’d be glad you did. This stuff just locks everything in. And if you use that LAST SOAP.. yep; it keeps coming back.. SHINE & GLOSSY FINISH.

norm q.
United States United States
Best of the Best

I am now a fan of Black Ice.... more work to use, just an extra step, but the final look is stunning. After seeing this I plan to use for the pre-winter final application. It cost more, but the outcome is stunning. I did two applications 72 hours apart and it is a protective shield. Highly recommend. I have gotten great service from these guys, time responses, pointed to videos, refunds on lost shipments, all very timely and have great respect for their professional services. For anyone who gets attached to vehicles and have a need for speed, this is your product. I save you the two years of product testing I did to get to this point. When you see my ride, wave....

Geoff G.
United States United States
Awesome product

I have come to expect greatness from your products and Black Ice did not let me down,

Richard V.
United States United States
last coat black ice

easy to use. I was happy with the end results. great shine

Ken M.
United States United States

Amazed at how the products worked. Everything stated about the products on your site turned out to be true. To me your products just keep on giving great results.

Tim H.
United States United States
Excellent product and results!

I detail cars for a living, and have included a video of my daily driver which shows the stunning results I get with The Last coat products. Can't recommend highly enough!

Ricky C.
United States United States
Clean Clean Caddy

So easy to use makes heads turn

The Last Coat The Last Coat Black Ice Ceramic Coating (BLOWOUT PRICING) Review
Mary H.
United States United States
Love love love the last coat products!

Wasn't sure, till I tried the products Amazing, exceptional and greatfully HAPPY... THANK YOU

The Last Coat The Last Coat Black Ice Ceramic Coating (BLOWOUT PRICING) Review
jerry A.
United States United States
Best stuff ever!

Went on nice and easy just like tlc2 but will last twice as long! Made cleaning Jeep after off-roading a breeze!