Iron Off - Professional Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner

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Brought to you by The Last Coat comes Iron Off, our heavy-duty professional-strength iron remover and wheel cleaner which can also be used to decontaminate painted surfaces, glass, and more. (Do not use on raw aluminum, Iron Off could etch it.)

Iron Off helps remove stubborn ferrous brake dust and iron from wheels and other surfaces.

You'll know Iron Off is working when you start to see the wheel surface "bleeding" a purple/red color, as it breaks down the iron to a water-soluble state.

Typical decontamination methods can have a tough time removing deeply embedded iron and other contaminants from the surface. Washing typically won't remove these.

Why You'll Love Iron Off:

➡️ Extend the life of your vehicle by stopping corrosive chemical reactions that lead to rust and permanent issues in your paint.

➡️ Even if you can't see it, oftentimes, contamination is there. Iron Off helps get rid of this contamination quickly and effortlessly.

➡️ It helps stop the damage that hot iron particles can do to your vehicle, preserving the life and value of your vehicle in the long run.

➡️ It helps neutralize corrosive reactions and when you see it beginning  "bleeding" purple, you'll know that Iron Off has begun the process of releasing embedded contaminants. 

➡️ Iron Off, like all of our products, is extremely easy to use. It gets you great results every time you use it and just gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

***Important: Keep in mind that Iron Off is strong, and it will degrade previously applied coatings to a degree. Even professionally installed ceramic coatings. So if you apply to paintwork or ceramic coated wheels, or surfaces that have been coated with any of our products, you will want to reapply those coatings after Iron Off has done its job.***

Directions for Using Iron Off:

Do not work in direct sunlight. Only work on a surface when it is cool to the touch

1. First off know that Iron Off has a strong smell, so make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area. Then, shake the bottle very well then spray directly on to the surface. (Only do so in the shade when the wheel surface is cool to the touch). Spray directly on them when dirty. Pre-rinsing may dilute Iron Off when you spray it on the surface.

2. Let Iron Off dwell on the surface for 2-5 minutes. As Iron Off goes to work on ferrous brake dust and contaminants, it will turn a purple/red color as it breaks down the iron to a water-soluble state for easy removal (do NOT let Iron Off dry on the wheels/surface).

3. Rinse Clean with high-pressure water to remove all of Iron Off.

4. If wheels were extremely contaminated with brake dust to start, a follow-up hand wash with soap and water on the wheels is recommended to remove any leftover Iron Off.

5. Optional but recommended. Apply The Last Coat or Black Ice to protect. Finish off with a layer of AMP if desired. If you had our coatings applied before using Iron Off, then you will definitely want to reapply to the treated areas as the coatings will degrade slightly.

** It is recommended to spot test first before full application and use.

Safety Information:

• Avoid inhalation. Use adequate ventilation. Iron Off has a strong smell, you want to use it in a well-ventilated area.

• May be harmful if swallowed. May cause skin burns and eye damage. Make sure to wear protective equipment where needed. We recommend gloves.

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Jeffrey H.
United States United States
Iron off

I’ve use a lot of wheel cleaners, the Iron Off was the best so far.

Jeff L.
United States United States
WOW - Could not believe the difference

Overall experience was fantastic!! We used it on a 1999 Porsche Boxster that never had any type of coating on it before. The exterior exposed panels where dull and grey, after we applied "the last coat" the plastic was brought back to life... Dark and like new condition. I was very, very impressed - and it takes a lot to impress me!

United States United States
Works as described

Bought this as a last resort for a wheel that has been caked with brake dust for over a year. It took three uses and a bit of scrubbing but this product did something no other could do. It’s able to get under the dust and break it free from the wheel. I’m sure it works better on lighter brake dust covered wheels but I am completely satisfied with this and will keep a bottle on the shelf all the time.

United States United States
I'm a tough sell

Start to finish this was a great experience. I messed up my initial order. Called customer service and they straightened me right out. The wheel cleaner arrived quickly. Easy to use and super results. My F150 chrome clad rims have looked this good before, but only with hours of work. I followed the instructions to the letter and simply amazed at how clean they are.

Quanieshia W.
United States United States
A product that actually works!!

I Had to write a 2nd review im just that satisfied they get 10 �stars from me! Will highly recommend to everyone I know

The Last Coat Iron Off - Professional Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner ReviewThe Last Coat Iron Off - Professional Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner Review
Quanieshia W.
United States United States
It really works!

just like it said, I love the color changing activation caked up break dust came right off!!

The Last Coat Iron Off - Professional Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner ReviewThe Last Coat Iron Off - Professional Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner Review
Samuel C.
United States United States
Great Stuff

I have labored over getting brake dust and grime off my wheels for a long time. I tried Iron Off not knowing what to expect and it has come through for me like a champ. The time I spend cleaning my wheels has been greatly reduced and the results are outstanding. It is powerful stuff and it saves me a great deal of time and effort. After seeing how the product worked I ordered another bottle. It is now my go to product for cleaning my wheels. At last.

Herve G.
United States United States
Iron off

Great product washed my wheels and they look great

Wayne J.
United States United States
Black Ice and Iron Remover

For both products very easy to use and great results.Black Ice has easy use and great shine and slickness.

Edward G.
United States United States
Iron off

This Stuff kicks A$$.On hard caked on wheels this melts the deposits like butter