ClearSR - Professional Strength Water Spot Remover

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We all know that water spots can be a pain to deal with. Those pesky mineral deposits and stains leftover from dirty, hard water typically need to be removed before applying coatings such as The Last Coat.

Brought to you by The Last Coat comes ClearSR, our easy to use, professional-strength water spot remover which can be used to quickly remove water spots on painted surfaces, glass, metal, and much more. 

(note: we don't recommend using it on raw aluminum though, it's strong and could etch it)

ClearSR is an acid-based water spot remover that makes quick work of most water spots. We'd go as far as saying that if ClearSR can't remove a water spot, you're most likely going to want to buff it off. Usually for deep etched in water spots, that’s what has to happen. That’s physical damage and ClearSR will remove a good amount, but at that point of true physical damage, you need physical correction. BUT, for a large majority of water spots, ClearSR will do the job!

Normally, if a water spot is on your surface and you attempt to remove it right away, it can typically be wiped away with ease with a bit of The Last Coat or AMP on a microfiber towel, or during your wash with The Last Soap. If left on overnight, usually our Bare Slate Clay Mitt can make quick work of them.

However, when spots have been on longer and are baked in, you need to have a more aggressive approach.

That's where ClearSR comes in. It helps erase water spots and mineral stains from painted surfaces, glass, polished metal surfaces, and much more. What this does is leaves you with a completely clear surface, and does so in a way that won't damage the surface of your vehicle.

Why You'll Love ClearSR:

➡️ Helps quickly, easily, and permanently remove water spots from your vehicle surfaces.

➡️ Gives glass a crystal clear appearance ready to be coated and protected.

➡️ Extremely easy to use. Simply apply a bit of ClearSR to a microfiber towel and begin rubbing the affected area (full directions are below).

➡️ Works on almost all water spots using an effective acid based approach. If you have spots that ClearSR can't break down, you're most likely going to need to polish them off. It's powerful stuff!

Directions for Using ClearSR:

1) Wash the vehicle to remove surface dirt. We recommend washing with a basic soap that does not contain waxes or conditioners. You may use The Last Soap as well for this step.

2) Dry the area that has water spots.

3) Using ClearSR, wet a 1"-2" area on a microfiber towel and begin to rub on the area affected by water spots. As you rub, they will start to dissolve and disappear. Repeat until all water spots are removed.

4) Rinse the treated surface with high-pressure water to fully remove any ClearSR that remains on the surface.

5) If any ClearSR still remains after using a high-pressure rinse, then simply hand wash with soap and water to remove excess residue. You will typically be able to visually easily see if there is an excess on the surface. It will almost look "streaky". Simply wash to remove if any ClearSR still remains.

6) Once spots are removed feel free to apply The Last Coat, AMP, or Black Ice to the surface if you desire. Make sure to do a 70% IPA wipedown before applying the coatings, per usual.

Safety Information:

• May be harmful if swallowed. May cause skin burns and eye damage. Make sure to wear protective equipment where needed. We recommend gloves.

• If on the skin, wash with plenty of soap and water.

• Avoid inhalation, use adequate ventilation. 


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Marquetta P.
United States United States
What water spots!

ClearSR will have you asking yourself what water spots after using. It's great on hard water and had my patio table looking brand new again. I love that it has multiple use. I can use it for my shower doors, my front and back door, and my vehicles. There's no mixing.

Pamela B.
United States United States
Water Spots Gone

Awesome product, but I learned a lesson, don’t use on bathroom faucets. I dripped it on to tub down spout and it ate through my brushed nickel. This stuff works great on water spots, but be careful on what you use on. I’m learning, it’s not the fault of anyone but me.

John L.
United States United States
Amazing product

The item worked great removing water spots from shower doors and car windows. Better than any product I’ve used.

Pamela B.
United States United States
Tub Test

I just received my first bottle of ClearSR, I saw that this was suppose to be great at hard water spots. That spiked my interest beyond using it on my car windows to my in home bath tub. All I can say is Awesome, I was truly amazed at how great it worked on my tub and walls. I wish I took before pictures because I’ve been looking for a long time for a product that would help with hard water spots. Well I’ve found it and now I’ll keep a bottle in the house to. Thanks

Kevin D.
United States United States

I have tried just about every water spot remover on my windshield to get very badly etched water spots off and nothing had worked. I seen TLC had put out their new ClearSR water spot remover and gave it a try. All I can say is OUTSTANDING. I have spent many hours trying to remove these spots and no chemical or polishing would do nothing to them. I received my bottle and right away went to try it and in less than 5 minutes my windshield was free of all them etched in water marks were completely gone.

A The Last Coat Customer
Tabby B.
United States United States
Does the job!

This stuff is awesome! I had some nasty water spots on my windshield that I've been trying to remove for weeks! ClearSR exceeded my expectations. Finally, those pesky water spots are GONE and i can actually SEE out my windshield clearly again! Another great product, keep up the good work!

Michael L.
Works great on shower doors too!

This stuff worked great. I have only used it on glass so far (shower doors and my windshield), needless to say it does what they say. I’ll try to upload some photos later but it works pretty damn good. I did one side of my shower door and left the other side. You could tell as I rinsed off and cleaned off the ClearSR, that the parts that were treated were stripped clean, kind of a cool effect to see... because of that though I would probably reapply coatings wherever I use the waterspot remover, just as a precaution, it seems pretty strong. I haven’t encountered any spots needing more than 1-2 passes... I do believe their claim that spots needing a more aggressive approach would probably just be more efficiently removed buffing with a buffer. Thanks for the quality products.