CeraTex - Ultra Hydrophobic Fabric Protectant and Stain Repellent

9 reviews

CeraTex - Ultra Hydrophobic Fabric Protectant and Stain Repellent

9 reviews

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Once again, you guys asked for it, and The Last Coat delivers. This one is a long time in the making.

The Last Coat is proud to bring you CeraTex, our powerful ceramic-based textile and fabric protectant & stain repellent that can be used on all textile and cloth materials as well as carpets, leather, and more.

CeraTex is an ultra-hydrophobic textile coating that prevents liquids from penetrating into fabric surfaces:

• Repels liquids of all kinds and helps prevent permanent staining.

Doesn't stiffen fabric or change the look and feel of it.

• Prevents UV damage to fabrics and textiles.

• Lasts up to 12 months.

• Ultra-fast and easy to apply (see directions below for extreme hydrophobics)

With excellent water and stain resistance, CeraTex keeps fabrics from staining and minimizes premature aging through advanced UV protection, giving you an exceptional barrier of protection against accidental spills and mishaps.

CeraTex can be applied in a single layer for quick jobs. But for maximum protection, it can be layered. When done correctly it allows for liquids to be formed into a ball-like shape, similar to beading on a vehicle, and to roll off the surface of the fabric instead of absorbing into it.

One thing that makes CeraTex unique over other fabric protectants is that CeraTex doesn't make fabrics feel stiff. In fact, you'll be shocked at just how pliable and flexible your fabric surfaces remain, despite being extremely hydrophobic and self-cleaning.

This superhydrophobic coating guard also acts as a barrier against bacteria, sweat, dirt, oil, and other liquids.

CeraTex can provide up to 12 months worth of protection without changing the color, look, or feel of the natural fabric/textile material.

Make sure to read the full directions on the bottle and watch our demo videos to get the best results with CeraTex.


Step 1: Thoroughly clean the fabric that you are applying CeraTex to. Using an APC (all purpose cleaner), degreaser, or extraction vacuum is highly recommended. The fabric/textile surface should be as clean as possible before applying CeraTex.

Step 2: After thoroughly cleaning, ensure that the surfaces are fully dry to the touch before applying CeraTex.

Step 3: Spray an even amount of CeraTex onto the surface. We recommend wearing gloves and massaging CeraTex into the fabric to get full absorption. You can also use a soft brush or microfiber towel, but for best hydrophobic effect we recommend using your hands while wearing gloves to rub CeraTex into the fabric. This is especially important on thicker more absorbent fabrics such as carpets.

Step 4: For best hydrophobic effects, apply multiple layers, waiting 2 hours between applications. Typically, no more than 3 layers is required. After 3 layers, CeraTex can in fact begin to repel itself. You can often see this happening in the form of CeraTex beading itself, which means it can no longer be absorbed.

Step 5: After all desired layers have been applied, ensure no liquid or water contact for ideally 48 hours after the last layer has been applied. After this cure time, the fabric should be dry to the touch and can be used normally.

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Wilton S.
New Zealand New Zealand
Awesome product

Cera Tex does exactly what the advertising states, in fact all The Last Coat products exceed expectations. Even importing it all the way to New Zealand, the extra cost is negated by the quality of these products and the outstanding results that are achieved. Cera Tex has made the carpets in my vehicle virtually water proof. Any accumulated water or dirt just shakes out of the mats. I’m going to try some on one of my motorcycle jackets.

Dan G.
United States United States
Great stuff

I applied three coats and tried a few drops of water. It rolled around on the fabric like mercury. I' going to order more for our new furniture.

Connie L.
United States United States
Best Products available!

I’ve tried most of the top 25 on Amazon. No company comes close to The Last Cost. The wash, 2 coats of the TLC snd the shine lasts for months. And the microfiber towels are The Best! Yes, the towels make a huge difference and these are by far the best. With a 365 day money back guarantee! The best.

Scott E.
United States United States
Awesome Product. Exactly as described.

Followed directions as described and applied 3 coats, rubbed in with latex glove with drying time in between. Wasn't a day later and spilled some soda on seat. Beaded up and was an extremely easy cleanup. 10 out of 10! Amazing product! Thanks.

Canada Canada
REVIEW - CERATEX - OUTSTANDING!! (Youtube Review done)

I've used The Last Coat products for over 3 years now and have been extremely happy with the results from all their products. Recently I did a review on their new CERATEX applying it to CARPET, LEATHER, and many more surfaces that are not even listed as being part of it's claims and they BLEW ME AWAY!!! Have a look for yourself : https://youtu.be/41D7zOeZYQQ

The Last Coat CeraTex - Ultra Hydrophobic Fabric Protectant and Stain Repellent Review
Norton S.

Talk about easy to use and works great too!

Jason Jackson.
Atlanta Atlanta
*** is this voodoo?

man I dunno *** this stuff is made of, but it makes liquids roll off of cloth like nothing I've seen before. I applied 3 layers, 2 hours between each layer like the instructions say and let it cure for 48 hours. Holy f it works exactly like in the videos. Amazing.

Conrad J.
Kelowna, BC, Canada Kelowna, BC, Canada
Great on convertible top and in the home.

I’ve been using ceratex on a cloth convertible top as well as on a loveseat at home. I have done the triple layer technique for the loveseat. My favorite thing about this product is how it doesn’t stiffen up the fabric at all like some other products do. Will see how long it lasts, going to try it on my shoes next!

Manny B.
Arkansas Arkansas
Love it, repels liquid, another winner.

I got my hands on an early release bottle of Ceratex and once again this product doesn't disappoint. Very easy to apply, I use one layer on most surfaces but have used 3 like in the instructions for maximum hydrophpbics and protection. So far, so good. Impressed with the easy of application compared to most fabric guards.