AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper

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AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper

565 reviews

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Now available in both 16 oz. bottles and gallons. 

You guys asked for it, so we just had to deliver it. :)

We had a lot of our customers asking us for a quick, affordable topper product that could be used to "boost" things like gloss and slickness.

Well, we'd like to introduce you to our slickest product yet.

We call it AMP. Because that's exactly what it does to the surface of your vehicle.

It amplifies certain attributes of your vehicle's surface such as shine, gloss, and especially slickness to the touch.

AMP is what we call a "hybrid topper". 

The main thing about AMP is that it is extremely easy to use.

AMP is not meant to be your base layer. Although it can be used as the sole coating on your car, we didn't build it for maximum protection and hardness.

AMP is a perfect topper for vehicles coated with The Last Coat, and although it can be used on all surfaces, it definitely stands out on glass.

Similar to The Last Coat upgraded formula (TLC2), AMP is based on a microemulsion blend with a positive charge that allows it to bond quickly and very easily to the surface, and it also gives one of the smallest and tightest beading patterns that you'll see out of a product.

In this video below, Nick talks about the differences between The Last Coat and AMP, shows how easy it is to apply AMP, and what he likes most about it:


Why and When Should You Use AMP?

• AMP is absolutely phenomenal on glass. That should be stated upfront. We actually enjoy using AMP more than The Last Coat on glass because of how easy it is to get great results, very quickly, and even in direct sunlight it is very forgiving. 

• AMP can be used as a waterless wash of sorts. When there is a light layer of dust on the vehicle, AMP can be used as a quick way to get some shine, gloss, and slickness back to the surface very quickly. (be mindful of the type of dirt you have on the surface).

• AMP can be used to remove light water spotting from glass and vehicle paint. Of course, hard, baked in water spot deposits require chemical or manual removal, for lighter spots, AMP makes quick work of them. Check out this quick demonstration below to see how quick and easily AMP removes light water spotting and dust:


• AMP is a professional detailers best friend. Not every client wants to pay for the time to prep a vehicle, and AMP is a very affordable alternative to give clients a super quick gloss, shine, and high levels of slickness that they can really feel. 

• AMP is perfect for making your vehicle look and feel showroom perfect before car shows or a night out on the town.

• AMP is extremely easy to use. I know we mentioned this before, but it's quickly becoming one of our favorite products to work within our detailing business. It's so forgiving and so simple and easy to use. One towel and a bottle of AMP can get you outstanding gloss and especially slickness in very little time, with minimal effort.

• AMP is very affordable, and only minimal amounts are needed to be used. Most products at this price point are for an 8 oz bottle. We're giving you a whopping 16 oz to use on every surface of your vehicle, inside and out.

• AMP can be used as a drying aid after washing, or on a dry surface. It can be used as an extra light protective layer, as a booster for The Last Coat, or any ceramic coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions about AMP that our customers have asked:

1) Can AMP be used on top of TLC, TLC2, and/or ceramic coatings?

YES! Absolutely. That's where AMP really shines, no pun intended. As a hybrid topper that is very quick and easy to use, to help enhance and "amplify" the shine, gloss, and slickness of previously coated surfaces. AMP can, of course, be used as a standalone product, it just will not have the durability of something like The Last Coat. We recommend spot testing when it comes to traditional waxes such as those that are carnauba based as it may not be able to bond well with them. We also don’t recommend using wash and wax soaps on top.

2) How long will the slick feeling of AMP last under normal driving conditions and washing?

AMP will last about one month under normal driving conditions, or until the next wash. Most soaps will cause a bit of breakdown on AMP. We recommend using AMP often in light amounts, as a drying aid and otherwise.

3) What surfaces can AMP be used on?

AMP can be used on all vehicle surfaces (inside and out) and most home surfaces, no restrictions, except of course food surfaces. As tempting as it is to use it on your dinner plates to make clean up easier, we don't recommend that.

4) Will AMP artificially gloss matte and denim surfaces? What about vinyl wraps?

No. What you will notice is it will enhance them and make them look a bit newer, and feel newer, but it won't artificially gloss them.

5) Can AMP be applied in direct sunlight?

Yes. AMP has very few restrictions on application and is very forgiving. We wanted to create something really versatile that could be used to get some quick pop, shine, and gloss when you're out at a car show, or when detailers can't work in the shade. IMPORTANT NOTE: When using AMP on tinted windows we recommend using it in the shade, and also diluting if you have the time. Check out this video on dilution methods:


6) How do you apply AMP?

AMP is our easiest-to-use product yet, and that's saying a lot. Simply spray onto your towel, or directly onto the panel. Wipe in a hashtag pattern (our preference), flip and buff off. A second towel is typically not required, but that's a personal preference.

As with all of our products, AMP comes with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. We know you'll absolutely love the results in slickness that AMP can bring, and we look forward to your feedback!

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United States United States
Liquid Glass

Applying was easy just wipe on and buff off

The Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper Review
Thomas H.
United States United States
The Best product hands down

Awesome, I can't say enough about it. Easy, long lasting and ill never use wax again. Best money I've ever spent. I tell everyone about it. The Last Coat is worth it's weight in Gold.

The Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper ReviewThe Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper Review
John L.
United States United States

I've used TLC now for about a year and was very satisfied but now that I've added Map I can do my 55 210 2DR BLACK IN ABOUT 20 MINUTES AND THE PAINT JUST JUMPS AT ME. i'M VERY SATISFIED WITH BOTH PRODUCTS

Norman G.
United States United States
Just GREAT products

Over the years I have had many Street Rods that just about every weekend we entered them in shows which means I put a lot of time and money in getting them ready to show. Then there came a time when due to back issues I just couldn't do it anymore,then i saw a YouTube of LAST COAT and I decided to give it a try and it worked great, then saw the advertisement for AMP tried it I'm back in the game. Both products are very easy to apply and the results are fantastic. I still have lots of polishing solutions, but since I found your products, yours are only ones I use. AGAIN I SAY GREAT PRODUCTS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Joseph D.
United States United States
Last coat and amp

I put 2 coats of The last coat on my 2016 GMC TERRAIN and 2 coats of AMP. My GMC is a very dark metal is blue. The second coat of AMP really made the while and silkiness pop. I am very impressed.

United States United States
This stuff is awesome

Not gonna lie,I've tried other products to even compare to the Last Coat product line and there is no comparison, this is always my go to shine...keep up the good work

The Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper Review
herbert A.
United States United States
Last coat

Love the product. Really put a shine on the car that last

Florida Florida
The last soap and Amp

I’ve used the last soap and Amp for at least a year now on my ceramic coated black Mercedes, and I absolutely love it. I would not and do not use any other brand. The black paint comes out beautiful. Must use!!!

The Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper ReviewThe Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper ReviewThe Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper ReviewThe Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper ReviewThe Last Coat AMP - High Gloss & Slickness Hybrid Topper Review
Ken C.
United States United States
Great finishing touch!

I like using AMP as the finishing touch on my details. It’s simple to apply and takes only a few minutes, and the response from the client is priceless. I highly recommend its use by professionals as well as DIY’rs.

Barry M.
United States United States
Buying More

Initially purchased TLC2 for my new RAM truck and then tried it on my 2012 Ford. So impressed with the product and results, I purchased AMP, the Last Soap and more TLC2 for all my vehicles. Committed!