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Only took 35 minutes to treat my Benz and only used about 3 ozs. What I like most is you can treat the entire car…glass ,tires and no white residue like paste wax. No polishing required…just wipe with microfiber cloth and amazing results…no wax stuck in seams…ez to use.

Mirror Like Finish

Ricky M.

Verified Buyer

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The Last Coat Upgraded Formula



Watch the Torture Test to see TLC in action!


The only true all-in-one detailing spray.

New formula designed to last longer, up to 6 months!

Extreme hydrophobic coating prevents water stains

Instant UV, water, salt, dirt, and chemical protection

Works on paint, stainless steel, glass, leather & more!


Advanced hydrophobic technology repels water, improving visbility.

Are you tired of poor visibility and water streaks after every rainfall? The Last Coat’s unique water-repellant formula lowers the surface tension on your vehicle’s surface, causing water to bead and run off more easily. The result: a dramatic reduction in water stains and streaks.


Industry-leading protection against the elements.

Let’s face it, your car takes a beating. That’s why we’ve formulated a durable, long-lasting spray that protects your car against the elements it faces every time you take it out.

Sun    Water & Salt    Dust & Dirt    Harsh Chemicals


Based on 5,768 reviews


out of 5 stars

I was in the process of clay barring my car and applying another brand of ceramic spray coating when the TLC 2 sample arrived. I was not pleased with the other as it would leave a light oily film that took a lot of buffing to get it looking presentable. Tried the TLC 2 and never used the other again, easy on and buffed off easily with no oily residue. I got the free sample by purchasing the Cera coat trim restorer which is hands down the best I’ve ever used. TLC is 2 for 2 in my book. I will be looking at other products from them also.

TLC 2 Beats The Competition

Wayne S.

Verified Buyer

I’ve been detailing for 45 years ,this product rates in the top 5, which is one heck of a fine compliment in my book !!

Totally Awesome Product

Rod B.

Verified Buyer

It’s so easy to use! The water doesn’t just bead, it rolls off the car. I am very impressed.

Simple To Use! Nice!

John C.

Verified Buyer

I use both The Last Coat and The Last Soap. I especially like the car wash soap, since I can wash and simply wipe. Highly Recommended!

Good Product, Works Well

William B.

Verified Buyer

I found the new formula to be a lot easier to apply than the old, better shine and it appears to me to clean better also. Very happy with the new formula. Thank You Nick & Chad for a great product.

Last Coat TL2

John S

Verified Buyer


100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with The Last Coat, we will give you a full refund up to 365 after purchase.


Give your car the WOW Factor in under 10 minutes.

Get The Last Coat Today

Not only does The Last Coat create a stunning gloss coat, it also protects your prized possession from the elements.

Simple To Apply
Up To 12 Uses Per Bottle
Lasts Up To 6 Months

Keep your car protected, with built-to-last shine.

In as little as one quick application, The Last Coat creates a durable, streak-free barrier overtop your car’s paint coat. A unique ceramic-microemulsion formula protects your car from the elements, while the fused outer layer provides a glossy shine that’s perfect for in-between washes.


Step 1: Spray onto cloth.

To ensure an even distribution of the product, we recommend that you spray The Last Coat onto a microfiber cloth before applying onto a surface.

Step 2: Spread along surface 

Using an alternating back and forth, up and down motion, spread evenly across surface.

Using the dry side or a new cloth, buff the applied product in a circular motion to create gloss effect.

Step 3: Buff with dry cloth to shine 

Tom Brings His Daily Driver to Life with The Last Coat

Paul Showcases His "Show Stopping" Camaro

Karlo Shows How The Last Coat Protects From Rain and Water

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Give your car a premium streak-free shine with additional protection against water stains, UV rays, dust, dirt, and chemicals.




OR save more with a bundle:

1 Bottle (16oz.)2 Bottles (16oz.)3 Bottles (16oz.) + 2 FREE towels

365 Day Return Policy

100% Satisfaction Gauranteed


100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with The Last Coat, we will give you a full refund up to 365 after purchase.

out of 5 stars



Based on 5,768 reviews