Hey guys, Nick & Chad here again.

Well if you checked out our last e-mail, maybe you’re considering taking advantage of the recent spike in car values.

Getting a new car is awesome. It looks great, it feels great, it smells great… and it’s not something that happens too often. So you want to make sure you’re treating your new car right, especially in the beginning. 

Here are 3 things you ought to do (and not do!) with your new car. These things will help you break your car in properly, and ideally… help extend the life of the car.

  1. I know this one’s tough for a lot of us, but try and keep your car either at, or under the 55mph speed limit in the beginning. This allows the vehicle to break in without being under any kind of stress...

  2. If your car has a trailer, or a roof rack… or if your new car is actually a new truck, don’t load it up during this break-in period (first 1,000 miles). You want to try and avoid placing stress on the drive train during this time…

  3. Lastly, try not to let your car idle for long periods of time. This is actually something you want to avoid doing, in general - even after the break-in period. When you idle your vehicle, there’s a chance the oil pressure generated by doing this, prevents oil from being sent to every part of your engine. And an unlubricated engine, is NOT something you want to have.

Let me know if you have any other cool tips like this, or if you’ve actually done something that caused problems for you in your own car’s break-in period.

Thanks again,

Chad & Nick - Team TLC

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