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The Last Coat Spray bonds and sets within 7 minutes, giving your car a showroom shine.

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Get The Slickest Finish With THE LAST COAT

THE LAST COAT has been "beefed up" for more shine, slickness, and increased durability. In addition, you're getting a "mesh knitting" mixture that combines true ceramic coating with our original formulation. The result: a microemulsion formula that prevents chemicals and road debris from "uprooting" your cars' coating.

Car owners praise The Last Coat for keeping dirt and grime at bay, increasing the depth of color, and producing a brilliant shine while hiding swirls and scratches.

Over the past several years, The Last Coat's proven formula has made a name in the auto industry. Because of this, we've become the first choice for professional detailers, body shops, and car dealers. And since we're detailers ourselves, we’ve tested The Last Coat on our cars, trucks, and motorcycles... and no matter the weather conditions, the results were always the same - a vehicle that looked better than when we picked it up from the dealership!

Here's a cool little tidbit I want to share: Our latest formulation contains a mild positive charge. So it's like a magnet to any surface (including metal), giving your car a "force field" against dust and water spots.

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The Easiest Car Coating You'll Ever Use - Guaranteed.

In a hurry? The Last Coat goes onto your ride in as little as 7 minutes, no matter how old or beat up it is. It stays on for up to 6 months and goes on easier than 1,2,3. Once done, you're left with...

  •   "All In One" Protection That Goes On... And STAYS On... Any Vehicle
  •  Goes on Easy, and Wipes Off Even Easier - So You Don't Have To Spend Hours On End Sweating In The Sun
  •  Sturdy Protection and Coating For Up to 6 Months!
  •  Smooth, Glass-Like Feel in Seconds
  •  Gives Surfaces a Deep and Glossy Appearance.
  •  Say Goodbye To Streaking, Swirls, And Residue.
  •  Keeps Surfaces Cleaner Longer - Makes Future Cleanings a Breeze
  •  "Sunscreen" For Your Car - No More Sun Damage To Your Paint
  •  Bonds and Sets within 7 Minutes, No Long Curing Times Needed. (for maximum durability against crazy chemical testing, give it 24 hours).
  •  Can Be Layered within 10 Minutes for Enhanced Protection and Depth of Colour.
  •  Do More With Less - An Average Sized Car Takes Only 1-2 Ounces for Full Coverage!
  •  Clings To Any Surface Like A Magnet Thanks To The Mild Positive Charge.
  •   Perfect For Any Surface: Paint, Chrome, Glass, Plastics, Leather, Vinyl, Stainless Steel, and More!
  •   100% Made in the USA!
  •   365 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Here's What Our Happy Customers Are Saying...

Love This Product

I washed my car with The Last Soap and used the clay mitt. Then I had to use compound/polish to rub out spots. Then I put on The Last Coat and followed by AMP! It looks great!

Great Stuff.

So simple - wash vehicle, dry vehicle, spray the last coat onto a rag, and wipe on the car. The car looks better than when the dealer delivered it.

Just Amazing

Great! Use sparingly, use one towel to spread, and lightly buff. I'm blown away by the stuff. I love the fact that my Jeep Wrangler took EIGHTEEN MINUTES.

Last coat and amp

Great products go well together. Use them on detailing jobs every summer. Everyone is always happy!

Great Product

It was easy to use, and so far, so good… went through a heavy rainstorm, and water beaded up like it was hitting a hot frying pan.

Neighborhood Learner

I pulled up to the golf course and got many comments on my black Gladiator. I told them it was a product I found that does this great job. So I have loaned my smaller bottle to my friends, and they all like the results as I do. Great Product.


After prepping the surface for the application and applying the first coat of The Last Coat, the finish looks fantastic, and the reflection is incredible. I used the second coat, and it looks simply astounding. The depth of shine is mind-blowing.

Car care products

The last coat 2 ceramic spray wax is the best I used, and I used about eight different ones, seven hybrid ceramic spray waxes and dozens of carnauba waxes, and 14 other synthetic polymer sealants; the last coat 2 is my favorite detailing product it leaves the slickest finish hides swirls and scratches also can use it on a dusty car great products The Last Coat company makes I been dealing vehicles for about 30 years their products are the best adds lots of depth of color long lasting easy to apply and remove a bottle goes far doesn't require much product excellent customer service highly recommend their products. Ryan

Does it what promises

I am genuinely impressed with this spray. I have used so many products on many of my vehicles. None of them are even close to this. I used this on a brand new CRV. I applied with the micro towels from the first coat, which were nice and thick, and quickly made the process. I did nothing except wash, dry, then apply. I did add an extra coat the next day. After a few snow days, the car was covered in white from the salt they used for the roads. Then we had rain which cleaned the white entirely off. I even thought that my wife had it washed. Nope. Usually, the car would be white until I washed it. And have to scrub to get off. I have used it on my mountain bikes with great success as the dirt rinses away so quickly that I didn't need to do a complete scrub wash. I am glad I purchased this fantastic product that delivers what it says.

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 How many vehicles can one bottle cover?

One bottle can give an average-sized vehicle 7-8 coats of protection. People tell us that coating their car twice in 24 hours builds up a more robust "shell." Others have told us they're happy using our formula in 6-12 month intervals. The choice, of course, is yours.

 Is The Last Coat only good for cars?

No way! After using The Last Coat on their boat, RV, ATVs, or motorcycle, many customers have praised our mixture for making their "toys" look brand new. Since we have "toys" of our own, we've given them a good cleaning with our formula... and let me tell you, rain or shine... they looked better than when we picked it up from the dealership!

 What if my car is already waxed? Will I need to strip it first?

On the one hand, our unique "mesh knitting" formula clings so firmly to surfaces that old wax won't stop it. So your car will still get the "protective shield" it needs. On the other hand, the quality of protection will depend on the quality of the applied wax. And since our mixture has bonding and sealing properties that are missing in other brands, we recommend removing old polish before applying The Last Coat.

 What surfaces can I use The Last Coat on?

Since our latest formula has a mild positive charge, The Last Coat bonds well to any surface (including metal.) This makes it an excellent choice for coating your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or dirt bike. You can even give your boat a nice coat of protection before hitting the water! This way, your hull is protected from salt and UV damage.

 How often should I use The Last Coat on my car?

The Last Coat protection lasts for 6-12 months, but everyone deals with different conditions. For most users, we recommend re-applying once a month for maximum results. But, it also depends on the climate in your area and "how" you often park outside in the sun? Or do you only go to work and home? Some people want a slick-looking car at all times, while others don’t mind showing a bit of “character” on their vehicle. It's all up to the owner.

 Is The Last Coat safe to put on my car's paint?

Oh yes! The Last Coat does not contain any chemicals that will harm your paint. Just the opposite is true. Our unique combination will help to preserve and protect your paint! Not to mention, The Last Coat leaves a beautiful, high-gloss shine that will make the color stand out!

 Can The Last Coat be applied in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces?

Absolutely. When applying in direct sunlight, we recommend working in 2 foot by 2-foot areas. Spray, spread, polish, and buff to a bright shine before moving on. That said, it's best to coat your car at (or close to) room temperature. Most people choose their garage to apply The Last Coat. Then they usually go for a spin after to showcase their ride’s fantastic new look.

 Does The Last Coat protect against all environmental conditions?

Our happy customers reside all over the world. From the sunny skies of California and Florida... to the frigid cold of Alaska... and the sandstorms of Nevada and Texas, they've trusted The Last Coat to protect their car's finish. And because our formula is shinier, smoother, and stronger, you can breathe easier knowing your ride will look magazine-worthy after year, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way.

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