Thanks for your interest in The Last Soap! This page is where you'll find videos and demonstrations utilizing The Last Soap.

In this first video, Nick shows how he likes to clean and shine his vinyl wrapped BMW using The Last Soap, followed by The Last Coat. He also mentions an optional step using our Bare Slate Clay Mitt. You'll be able to see how even after just washing, The Last Soap has made the surface hydrophobic. Nick utilizes the PF-22 foam cannon in the video, but The Last Soap can also be applied with a typical wash bucket setup.

With The Last Soap, always remember to SHAKE WELL before pouring The Last Soap into your foam cannon or wash bucket. This makes sure that the detox and the coating properties are blended even in your foam solution. Very important!

And below this first video, Nick demonstrates The Last Soap on a much dirtier vehicle that has had it's TLC layer broken down after 5 months of sitting outside in the elements:

Video #1: The Last Soap Preferred Method

Video #2: A Very Dirty Vehicle