Hey guys, Chad here with The Last Coat.

I don’t know about you, but my wife’s sense of smell is like a bloodhound’s, especially when it comes to the inside of my car. Not only does she smell things much easier than I do… but she can pinpoint the specific odor she’s smelling (“Did you have cinnamon on those donuts you ate in here?” Really, how is this even possible…?)

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but if it does… you’re in luck. Because today we’ve got some hacks to help make your car smell great. Here you go:

  1. Put some scented wax cubes in a jar, then screw on a lid with holes. (Amazon sells jars like this). This creates an air freshener that smells GREAT, as the wax begins to melt…

  2. You probably know that baking soda is a very useful product when it comes to removing smells at home. But it’s also a great deodorizer you can use in your car, as well

    Put some baking soda in a similar jar we just discussed in #1, and add in a few drops of essential oil. This is a great deodorizer and air freshener for your car.

  3. If you love the smell of coffee, like I do… fill a sock (or two) with fresh coffee beans. Then, tie the sock closed at the top, and place it under your drivers seat. You can place the second sock somewhere else in the car, as well.

  4. At craft stores, you can purchase a small clay disc that retains scents. Add 10-15 drops of an essential oil fragrance you like to the disc. After the clay absorbs the oil, just place it in your car and enjoy the scented air

  5. Clean your air vents! Dirt and grime tends to build up inside them, and along the edges, making your car smell. Use a thin sponge and cotton swabs to do this.

If you know of any other DIY ways to make your car smell better, let us know!

Thanks again,

Chad - Team TLC

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