Shield Your Car’s Paint Job In Just 10 Minutes With TLC2’s Upgraded Formula That Uses ‘The Newest Breakthroughs’ In Nanoceramic Technology To Out-LAST ALL Other Protectives (We’ll Show You).

You Won't Have To Spend A Single Second On Maintaining Its Protective Layer. Set It And Forget It.

You Won't Have To Spend A Single Second On Maintaining Its Protective Layer. Set It And Forget It.

  • Protect Your Paint.

    Provides a lasting shield against the harsh outdoors, and gives your paint job a better than new finish.

  • Market's #1 Most Durable. 

    This newly upgraded formula has the strongest chemical bond available today. It outlasts any other alternative (we’ll prove it).

  • ZERO Maintenance.

    Its chemical bond is so strong that it doesn’t break down. Your impenetrable shield and luster of a shine will last for at least 6 full months, often longer.

  • Super Easy And Quick.

    Anyone can use easily use this and be done in a matter of minutes. Spray it on a cloth, apply it to your paint and wipe it off with a dry cloth. It’s that easy.


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The Last Coat - Upgraded Formula (TLC2)
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Bird Bombs, Rain, Snow, UV Rays, Salt, And Bugs…

As anyone with a (nice) paint job…

Bird bombs, rain, snow, UV rays, salt, and bugs (rightfully) worry you. 

They damage your paint.

Robbing you of that showroom finish you’ve been spending your precious time and hard-earned money on.

There are a million ways to protect your paint. 

If you’ve tried one (or more) protectant out there, you’d know that these don’t last very long.

Heck, you apply them once, and after a rainy day (sometimes it feels like just one raindrop XD) they’ve already lost their protective layer, their shine, and their slickness. 

It’s frustrating at best. 

What do you do? 

You apply another layer, another, another… 

Switch products, switch again, switch again…

What you were told was a protective shield and convenience that would last… Has turned into a “to-do.”

This is where TLC2 comes in.

TLC2’s upgraded formula uses the latest breakthroughs in nanoceramic technology.

It’s the strongest protectant on the market and It holds its protective properties longer than any other alternative (I’m going to show you).

Use TLC2 and you get to enjoy its protective properties and luster for months upon end without spending a single second on it after application (which only takes 10 minutes).

TLC2 is The First. The Only. And The Last Coating You’ll Ever Need.



“By far the easiest product I’ve used.”

The car looked 200% better than when I brought it home from the dealer. I have tried all kinds of waxes and ceramic polishes, but the Last Coat is the Best!

Phillip T.

“Compliments all the time”

 was looking at ALL the coating options for my 2022 Silverado. I made the choice to try the last coat v2 and all I can say is wow! I did 2 coats and I can barely tell the bottle has been used.

The slickness and shine is amazing! Friends and co-workers always want to know what I use. I tell them The Last Coat. Best and easiest I have ever used!

Richard B.

“friends tell me not to drive the car on the road because I may blind someone”

I have used other coatings in the past but NONE shine like TLC2. I have had friends tell me not to drive the car on the road because I may blind someone. 

Micheal S.

Why You'll Never Switch Products After TLC2, Ever Again.

You’ve probably tried them, the waxes, the ceramics…

They all promised you the world but gave you frustration instead. 

Waxes Used To Be Great, But Science Has Caught Up

If you’re passionate about waxes, I get it. 

Respect your elders, and waxes definitely paved the way for ceramics. 

We have to be honest though, there are simple scientific reasons why TLC2 gives you better protection, lasts longer, and doesn’t require you to spend any time on protection maintenance whereas waxes are labor-intensive. 

TLC2’s ceramic particles are 1/10,000 the size of a wax particle. 

Because TLC2’s particles are so much smaller than wax particles, dust, dirt, and grime cannot get in between these particles or crevices, but they can with wax particles because wax particles are so big. 

That’s why waxes require that much more maintenance to keep up with the degrading particles.

 Unlike wax particles… dust, dirt, and grime can not get in between TLC2’s ceramic particles because they’re sooooo tiny.

This gives you the strongest shield available on the market, but also the longest-lasting because nothing can uproot this shield, it’s impenetrable. 

Why Other Brands Are Selling You Thin Air 

Why do other ceramics suck? They don’t care about detailing or product quality as much as we do… 

They’re a business first, marketing ‘gurus’ second, and detailers third (if at all).

TLC2 was founded by a detailer, which should tell you something about the expertise we bring into the field. 

We are detailers first. Coating cars is our livelihood, and it has been that way far before starting TLC2 out of a passion for detailing. 

Setting The World-Wide Standard For Paint Protection With “Mesh Technology”.

TLC2 gives you superior paint protection. As you can clearly see from our torture test, a durability test with harsh chemicals, TLC2 outlasts all other alternatives. 

We did the torture test because we didn’t just want to tell you it’s the longest-lasting coating on the market, we wanted to show you.

What you get, is by far, the strongest and most durable protective coating available.

TLC2 requires ZERO maintenance for months upon end. TLC2’s particles are inseparable because of our “mesh technology.” 

Not only do the particles have the strongest chemical bond, but they’re also magnetically charged and bonded together.

We’ve dubbed this “mesh technology” and we’re the first to use it.

Mesh technology uses the strongest chemical bond between particles AND enhances it with a magnetic bond. Providing you with the strongest bond between particles currently available.

You’ll get the strongest and longest-lasting shield on the market. This means it requires zero maintenance or work whatsoever for months upon end.

Set it and forget it.

How TLC2 Will Cut Your
Application Time In Half…

Easy to apply with our ‘Wipe and Hype’ method. It’s a simple spray bottle. 

Spray it on a cloth, 

Wipe it onto your paint 

Wipe it off with a dry cloth 

Take a step back… now you see what the hype’s about.

It’s as easy as that.

Applied in 10 minutes. Thanks to its ease of use, you’ll be done in no time. 

Once you’ve tried TLC2, you’ll never switch products again. This is not what I think, this is what customers (that have often tried more than 6+ products), tell us. There’s not a single product out there better than TLC2.

What You’ll Experience…

You’ll get compliments left and right (just wait and see). We hear this from our customers regularly. When they go to the stores, they get compliments from friends, family, and even strangers. 

“Wow, is that a new paint job” and “how did you get your paint job to look so nice?” are just two out of many you’ll hear.

Besides others noticing how swell your car’s gotten… YOU’LL also feel like you’re riding in a brand-new car. Which is as least as important as others noticing *wink* 

With TLC2 you won’t have to worry about your paint getting damaged. Nothing will get through this impenetrable shield.

You’ll have more free time to do what you enjoy. Instead of having to apply waxes and other protective sprays over and over again, you can apply TLC2 once and enjoy it for months upon end. Do what you like to do, driving that shiny beast.



“Best product I've ever used."

Greatest thing by far, the compliments you're gonna get ;)

Phillip T.

"Better than showroom shine"

Guys, easy to apply…and lots of fun! I am not exaggerating when I say that the exterior looks better that when I picked up my BMW 840ix from the dealership. 

Stephen B.

"Works even under adverse conditions"

Last few days it's been raining for a good 8 to 10 hrs. The results were amazing, never seen anything like it! This ceramic coating won't let rain bead up like with a wax, instead it just slides off. It disappears. Truly amazing stuff! I will never go back to a wax ever again. 

James G.

"Ease of use I give it a 10." 

It is not as labor intensive of another Ceramic coating I have tried. I love how you can get it on plastics and rubber without it turning white like wax does ! In fact, you can coat all rubber, Chrome, headlights, taillights, mirrors and glass ! 

I gave this as a gift to my father in law who is 82 years old and he marvels about it ! Waiting to see how long before a re-apply is needed ..... its been 4 months now. 

Jason S.

"Beautiful shine and disappearing bird ****!"

Product applies easily and results in a fantastic shine. We live in a heavily wooded area and get tons of drips from trees and the ever-present bird **** streaks. 

We tested the bird **** removal with a damp microfiber cloth. Worked Perfectly. Thanks.

Adam P.

"Always get a nice comment on my truck"

When I go to stores around my area I always get a nice comment on how nice looking my truck is and that always makes me feel good. The best part is the shine lasts for several months.

John T.

Get Your Last Coat

Now, you’d probably expect the longest-lasting coating to be the most expensive one marked at $100+ (which would still be well worth it)...

But, as you might have read in the comments and reviews, we’re all about customer satisfaction so we did everything in our power to provide you with top-tier professional quality, at a wholesale price. 

Here’s the good news…

One bottle normally costs $55.95, BUT today in order for you to try it out, it only costs $35.95, saving you 35%.

Remember, this coating outlasts any other competitor. This means your bottle will last you centuries AND you only need a few squirts of this to protect an entire vehicle. Trust me.

Did You Skip To The Bottom?

Not a problem, here’s a quick breakdown.

TLC2 protects your paint job longer than any other alternative on the market. We know because we performed durability tests to prove it and on top of that, we’ve gotten over 6,040 5-star reviews to back up that claim.

Along with, by far, being the longest-lasting coating on the market it’s also super easy and quick to apply. Squirt a few drops on a cloth, apply it, and buff it with a dry cloth. It doesn’t get easier than that. You’ll be done in a few minutes.

Other alternatives wear off and need shine or protection “maintenance.” You need to apply a new layer every few days or weeks. 

The upgraded formula of TLC2 is so strong, that TLC2 doesn’t wear for at least 6 month. This means you don’t have to do any shine or protection maintenance for months upon end. Set it and forget it. Your paint’s protected with the longest-lasting shield on the market.

One bottle normally costs $55.95, BUT today in order for you to try it out, it only costs $35.95, saving you 35%.

Get Your Last Coat!

How long does shipping take?

Currently all shipments are being fulfilled within 24-36 hours, and customers typically receive their order within 3-5 business days Australia.

What's the 365 day 100% money back guarantee?

It's a no-nonsense guarantee. If our product's not exactly what we promised it would be, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. This guarantee stands for a crazy 365 days! Buy with confidence. 

How long does the application take?

On average it takes 10-20 minutes depending on how fast you are.

How many cars can one bottle do?

On the average sized vehicle, you should be able to get 7-8 full exterior applications out of it.

How long does the shine and protection last?

The Last Coat's effects in shine, protection, and hydrophobic properties will last for up to 6 months. 

Within this time, The Last Coat will help make cleaning faster and easier as dirt and grime won't get embedded as much as if the surface were unprotected.