The Last Coat VIP Review & Content Creator Program

The Last Coat wants you!

We are looking for dynamic content creators to help us share our product with car, motorcycle & boat enthusiasts like yourself. 

We'll ship you a bundle of our professional level Last Coat, Last Soap & 5 premium Microfiber Towels to make your vehicle look cleaner than you ever thought possible. All that we ask for in return are a few photos of you and your vehicle and a short, honest video review. No need to post on social media, no gimmicks, no giveaways.

  • What You'll Recieve....
  • One (1) Bottle of our flagship product. The coating technology which has been making waves across America and has become the "go to" coating product for car enthusiasts everywhere. 
  • Five (5) premium 400 GSM Microfiber Towels. Now with 400 GSM Microfiber, these towels have a thicker pile on one side, and thinner on the other, allowing you to use each side for different surfaces such as glass, exterior surfaces, leather, plastics, chrome, etc. Perfect for washing or applying The Last Coat.
  • All shipped directly to your door! We just ask for some photos and an honest video testimonial after using our Last Coat products.

I'm in! Now What?

1. Shoot us an email reply to let us know you’re in. We’ll get your mailing address and send some Last Coat straight to your door.

2. It’s photo time. We’ve listed what we need and a few tips below to help with your shoot!

3. Submit your photos and testimonial video to us.

What We Need:

Photo 1
Take a photo to show us your set up! Showcase your car’s cleaning routine with buckets, hoses and of course Last Coat. Capture your vehicle in the background but make sure The Last Coat label is prominent.

Photo 2
Before and After. We want to see The Last Coat difference. Please include a close-up of your vehicle half polished with The Last Coat and half unfinished. If that's not doable, take a before photo and an after photo with the bottle of Las Coat on your car or vehicle.

Photo 3
In Action! Show us The Last Coat being applied. Make sure the label is in focus! Have a friend or family member take a picture of you using The Last Coat and make sure that the camera can see the bottle clearly.

An honest review of the product. This should be selfie style video of the entire The Last Coat Product. Simply turn on your front-facing phone camera and give us a 20-60 second review of what you liked about the product, if it was easy to use, and if you would recommend it to someone else who likes a clean car.

A Few Tips

Don’t try to be perfect! We have designers that can retouch and make your photos look awesome.
If you have any doubts, just take as many photos as you can with your car and The Last Coat products and send them our way. We’ll take the time to go through them!

We want honesty in the review. What did you love about Last Coat? Any tips to future users and your final overall thoughts are welcome.

Be creative! We already love your feed, so you do what you do best. Take awesome pictures of your vehicle.