In this tutorial, Nick goes through an in-depth prep of a surface that has a good amount of contamination on it and requires a two-step decontamination. First with a wash using The Last Soap and the PF-22 Foam Cannon (you could also use a wash bucket method). He then follows this up using the Bare Slate Clay Mitt for claying the surface and removing contamination. Next he uses a 70% IPA wipe down to make sure nothing is left on the surface, and finally applies TLC2, and then AMP. Apologies on the low volume of the audio in this one.

Keep in mind, Nick is utilizing our own products, however, if you have a non-wax/non-conditioner based soap for  the initial wash that you like to use you may do so. Also, not every customer will clay the surface, some may only use the IPA wipe down. And some customers will simply just wash and apply but for best results we recommend applying on a clean and bare surface:

Products used in this tutorial:

The Last Soap
The MTM HydroParts PF-22 Foam Cannon
The Bare Slate Clay Mitt
The Last Coat Upgraded Version (TLC2)
400 GSM Microfiber Towels
• 70% IPA (isopropyl alcohol, same as you'd find at your local pharmacy)