A World Class, Head-Turning Shine
in Half the Time

  • Over 6,000 five-star reviews

The Last Coat leaves any surface looking polished, protected, and silky smooth, INSTANTLY - Guaranteed.

  • The easiest product you'll ever use.
  • 365-day money-back guarantee.
  • Smooth, glass-like finish.
  • Extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Hydrophobic and Self-Cleaning.
  • Built in UV Protection.

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The Competition Can't Stack Up

Our competitors

  • Little to no ceramic ingredients
  • Lasts less than a month
  • Long application and curing time
  • External surfaces only
  • Slickness doesn't last more than one wash
  • Several ounces needed for most vehicles
  • Greasy feel and cheap silicone base
  • Little to no self cleaning ability
  • Can cause streaks and hazing
  • No true UV/salt protection
  • Will not protect from future oxidation
  • Zero harsh chemical resistance
  • 2 to 4 applications per bottle - Expensive!
  • TRUE Ceramic Coating Formula
  • 6 Months of Protection & Shine
  • A mirror finish in under 10 minutes
  • Works on ALL Surfaces Inside & Out
  • Lasting slickness, glass-like finish with ease
  • Only 1-2 oz Needed for Most Vehicles
  • No oil or outdated silicone
  • Makes future cleanings a breeze
  • Extremely easy application, no streaking
  • Protects from sun damage and road salt
  • Prevents oxidation and surface damage
  • High chemical resistance and durability
  • 8 to 14 applications per bottle - Great Value!

The Easiest Coating Product You'll Ever Use - Guaranteed

The Last Coat can be applied to ride in as little as 10 minutes, no matter the age or shape you're in. It lasts up to 6 months, and requires no special experience. And once done, you're left with...

A Slick, Smooth Surface

A glass-like feel every single time

Extreme Hydrophobic Effects

Self-cleaning repelling water, dirt, and grime

A Mirror-Like Finish

A Shine and Reflection That Turns Heads

Truly Versatile Detailing

The Last Coat is the most versatile, all-surface DIY coating in the world. And the most durable. It can be used on ALL exterior vehicle surfaces, ALL interior surfaces, and most home surfaces as well. Cars, boats, RVs, planes, motorcycles, kitchen counters, you name it, we've got you (and them) covered!

Extremely Durable and Battle Tested

We've been subjected and put through a variety of "torture tests" that have had The Last Coat put up against some of the harshest chemicals you would probably never put on your vehicle. And we came through with flying colors on each test.

Incredibly Slick

A true mirror-like finish that lasts. The Last Coat is known world-wide for providing incredibly slick finishes that have a very "hard" mirror reflection on them. The type of reflectin and shine that makes jaws drop and heads turn.

Unbelievably Easy, Professional Results

It's no wonder that The Last Coat is being called the "detailers dream". But it's also the DIY'ers dream. Don't be surprised if your friends start asking you when you got the new paint job, or saying "that must have taken you hours!". But you'll know the truth...

The Most Durable Shine in the World - And the Easiest By FAR!

Checkout this video to see how The Last Coat took on some of today's most popular sealants in a brutal chemical torture test. You won't believe what we put them through.


Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

    GREAT Product!

    Don F. on August 18th, 2020

    I've used many of the ceramic sealants on the market, and the last coat is the best, most durable of them all. The shine is superior and very easy to apply. I love the product!

    Best Product EVER

    Scott S. on August 18th, 2020

    This stuff is amazing and I have tried everything over the last 40 years on my 10+ cars and motorbikes. Immediate Noticeable difference over other products. Buy it today!!

    Can't stop finding new uses!

    Dane H. on August 19th, 2020

    Amazingly easy to apply and the results are phenomenal! I've applied to windshields and the gelcoat of a 35 year old boat and people have already asked me if I got a new gelcoat on it. It's literally taken 35 years off!

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    Easier that waxing

    Lanny R. on August 18th, 2020

    Thought I’d try this ceramic coating instead of waxing thinking it’d be about the same labor-wise. So much easier a quicker AND the results are even better. Gloss is better on my black paint and bugs wash off with ease due to the slickness of coating. Recommended!!

    Outstanding Product!

    Ruben C. on August 18th, 2020

    Such a great product I love it! Brought gloss to my car I hadent seen in years and is super slick and hydrophobic. Have applied twice already and have barely used up any product would recommend 10/10!

    Never Wax Again!

    Doug M. on August 18th, 2020

    This is the Real Deal ! Easy and quick to apply, At 68 years old I have tried all the so called latest and greatest products but this is by far as good as it gets!


365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your vehicle deserves the absolute best. All of us here at The Last Coat use all our own products, and strongly believe in their quality... that's why we can offer the strongest guarantee in the game!

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

This is one of our top questions. Let's just say other brands aren't too keen on us naming names. That said, we will do our best to differentiate ourselves. The Last Coat looks to accomplish what other instant surface polishes and protectors does but in a very different way. For one, there is no oil or silicone in The Last Coat as there is in one of the most popular brands out there. This means there is no streaking and no residue. This also means no messy and oily bottles. In side-by-side tests which can be seen on Youtube vs. several popular brands, The Last Coat demonstrated superior water-repelling properties as well as much better chemical resistance.

The Last Coat is very different in that it is a liquid mesh based product, so it creates a protective "shell" of sorts, similar to a 9H ceramic product but not quite as hard, which is why it can be sprayed on, wiped off, etc. The Last Coat is a newer technology as well, as nano-coating is a relatively new innovation.

The Last Coat also cures within 5-7 minutes in normal conditions which is much faster and more convenient than our competitors. From what we've seen, we are more affordable than most others as well, and we also do offer free shipping on all orders over $75, including gallon orders. Most other brands have shied away from free shipping as it is expensive for liquids, but our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has been our driver to get it done on all US-based orders over $75.

Yes, you can wash as you normally would if you like. You will find that you may not need to wash as frequently or with soap all the time, but if you want to then yes, of course, you can. DO NOT use "Wash and wax" soaps for prepping the surface, nor to clean the vehicle after applying TLC.

If used before applying to prep the surface, TLC will not be able to bond correctly to the surface as it is a ceramic-based product, and you may experience streaking or reduced durability. If used after applying TLC, due to TLC being so hydrophobic, it will shed the wax because The Last Coat is the real protection, and the wax may haze. So in short, use a basic car soap with no waxes or polymers, or merely straight rinse with clean, fresh water.

The exception would be "silica soap." Such as our own soap, The Last Soap. Otherwise we recommend pH neutral soaps. Finally, you'll find that a surface treated with The Last Coat will clean off easier with only water than an untreated surface.

On the average sized vehicle, you should be able to get 7-8 full exterior applications out of it. Now, of course, some people use more, and some people use less. Some like to use a couple applications within the first 24 hours to build an even stronger protective "shell." That's your choice of course.

The Last Coat also works on interior surfaces as well as household appliances and electronics, so your mileage may vary when you see just how versatile it is! Most average car exteriors don't need more than 1-3 ounces for a full application. Spraying onto the towel first and applying that way will conserve the amount you use.

The Last Coat's effects in shine, protection, and hydrophobic properties will last for up to 6 months under normal driving conditions. Within this time, The Last Coat will help make cleaning faster and easier as dirt and grime won't get embedded as much as if the surface were unprotected.

Applied correctly, The Last Coat will leave no streaking or residue at all. Reports of this happening are very rare. Typically if an issue like this arises, it's due to either too much product being used, not buffing correctly, or applying on a very hot surface. If you really must apply in direct sunlight or on a hot surface we recommend working in smaller, 2' x 2' areas.

Yes, it does. The Last Coat has been subjected to some brutal heat testing as well. However, if the surface has already existing sun damage or oxidation, The Last Coat cannot reverse that damage. Some customers have seen results for reversing that type of damage but it is not a claim we make. It will help protect from future issues, however.

The Last Coat will help fill in fine scratches and swirls to a degree and will help reduce the appearance and mask them. It will not have the same effect on deep surface scratches and swirls that a real paint correction would. No spray on product can claim to do that with deep scratches, and if they do claim that, run!

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