It’s no secret that caring for your car has never been more complex than it is right now. You have so many different options to choose from - everything from car polish, to various kinds of car waxes, car paint sealant, and even ceramic coatings.

Let’s face it. At the end of the day, car enthusiasts like you and I aren't really dedicated to a certain brand of cleaning supplies or a specific formula of chemicals.

What people like you and I are really looking for is RESULTS:

 A head-turning, jaw-dropping finish that makes your paint job shine just like new, with loads of reflection and depth. And preferably something that actually LASTS for a long time and is really easy to get. Right?

If that’s what you came to this article to find, then you'll be pleased. I'll aim to explain the differences between a car polish, wax, and sealant, so you'll know the correct tool for your DIY job.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Car Polish

Here’s an interesting, little-known fact about car polish: it is actually abrasive to your paint. In fact, that’s how it works.

Car polish is used to remove the top layers of your paint so that you can remove slight imperfections, and make the surface smooth so that it will give you a good reflection. By removing some of the clear coat, you can remove minor scratches and dirt that may have gotten stuck in the paint itself.

 Of course, you are not going to end up scratching off all of your paint if you polish your car a few times, but that’s exactly how it works.  

Bottom Line: While it can improve the look of your car by removing small scratches and dirt, car polish does absolutely nothing to protect your car – in fact quite the opposite. 

Unless you have scratches and swirls on your car, car polish is completely unnecessary for getting that desired shine that lasts. True car polish is meant for doing paint corrections. And, if your paints surface is in horrible condition with lots of swirls and scratches, then getting a paint correction could be a great first step to long term improvement in the appearance of your paint surface.

Car Wax

 In the battle of car polish vs. wax, wax has a very important advantage: it actually protects your car.

By applying a coat of wax to your car, you are effectively placing a buffer between your car’s paint job and the elements of nature. It also helps you get a shinier look with some depth to it.

The only problem is, it takes a LOT of effort to keep your car waxed. At best, if you apply multiple coats of wax to your car, you are looking at a week to a week and a half before your car needs more wax.

That’s just because it’s literally wax – it rubs off. When it rains it slowly rubs off of your car, and when you are driving it even collects tiny particles of dust.

Bottom Line: Car polish vs. Wax – Wax is much better for the job of protection. Because that's actually what it's meant for. It protects your car, but it also takes a lot of effort. Be prepared to use wax at least once every 2 weeks if you’re very casual about it, but probably at least once a week if you want your car to look in top form all the time.

Car Paint Sealant

There are a ton of different kinds of car paint sealants out there. In this article, we are specifically discussing “liquid glass” car sealant (sometimes called liquid glass car wax), sometimes referred to as a nano coating.

Liquid glass car paint sealant, or liquid glass car wax – is actually not wax at all. It contains absolutely no wax.

Instead, it is a nano-coating of tiny liquid glass particles. It's sort of like a "cousin" to ceramic coatings in a way, but much easier to use and typically much more affordable.

What they do is fill in tiny, nano-sized imperfections in your car paint and bind to your paint – SEALING it up and protecting it from the elements – while adding crazy amounts of shine and depth to your car.

Think about it this way: it’s like applying a brand-new clear-coat to your car, sort of.

In the battle of wax vs car sealant – it’s like comparing an old-school feather quill pen with a laptop computer using Microsoft Word.

Car paint sealant is an entirely different level of technology – it takes a LOT less work, and the results last a whole lot longer. How much longer?

Wax - tends to be shorter term and needs to be reapplied regularly.

A quality nano car paint sealant (the kind we’re talking about, sometimes known as “liquid glass car wax” or a "liquid glass nano coating") – 4-6 MONTHS.

It also takes a LOT less work to make your car look good with liquid glass car paint sealant – not only because you only have to apply it one time every few months, but also because it only takes one application to get the same look you’d get with multiple coats of wax on your car.

A good quality liquid glass based nano sealant can be layered as well, and creates a razor thin "shell" on the surface of your vehicle, protecting it from the elements.

Bottom Line:

Car paint sealant is a simple way to have your car look way better than if you use wax or polish – with a lot less maintenance. Choosing a less advanced option is like going back to using a horse and buggy. Your 0-60 time is… Never.

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