Once again, thanks so much for purchasing The Last Coat. We know you'll discover what thousands of others have; that it's the most versatile and effective surface protectant and enhancer, and the only INSTANT waterless wash with coating technology.

The videos below will help you get the most out of The Last Coat. Many people who purchase The Last Coat from us don't realize that cleaning the exterior of your vehicle is only the beginning. The Last Coat can be used on leather seats, dashboards, instrument panels, anything you can think of. What's more, many people are pleasantly surprised to find out just how well The Last Coat works on kitchen appliances, electronics, and glass!

In these very short "pro tip" videos, Nick, who is a professional detailer in Southern California, shows you proper technique when it comes to enhancing any surface. Make sure to listen to how he recommends applying. It's easy, and requires much less effort than most people realize:

Pro Tip #1: How to Apply The Last Coat with "Pro" Technique (very easy)

Pro Tip #2: How to Clean Inside Door Panels From Shoe Scuffs and Dirt

Pro Tip #3: How to Polish and Shine Door Handle Switches

Pro Tip #4: How to Clean Stained Leather Seats

Pro Tip #5: How to Clean Door Handles From Hand Grime and Grease

Pro Tip #6: How to Shine, Protect, and Seal Leather Seats

Pro Tip #7: How to Keep Your Steering Wheel and Odometer Panel Clean

Pro Tip #8: How to Clean the Rest of Your Interior Surfaces Quick and Easy

Pro Tip #9: Polishing Chrome Rims

Pro Tip #10: Applying The Last Coat With a Foam Cannon! (view our foam cannon bundle options here)

Pro Tip #11: Applying The Last Coat on Motorcycle Chrome

Pro Tip #12: Applying The Last Coat with a Foam/Sponge Applicator (great for glass, ceramic coated vehicles, and large surfaces like boats and RV's to conserve the amount you use.)