Hey what’s up guys...

There’s something about mud.

On the one hand, getting mud on your car makes it look filthy - especially if it’s inside. 

But on the other hand, there’s also something “manly” about mud. It makes you feel like you’ve done some kind of hard work… like a marker of toughness or bravado.

In any case, the most important thing you need to know about mud, is that if you care about your car… you really want to clean it off as soon as possible. Nothing good comes from leaving mud on your car too long.

And here’s why: keep in mind that mud isn’t only dirt and water. In many cases, it also contains remnants of exhaust fumes, unclean oil, street dirt, pollution, gas, and tons of other potential goop you certainly don’t want near your car.

On the outside it can cause premature corrosion, and on the inside, it can cause staining, and “stank” (officially defined as funky, unidentifiable odors).

With that in mind, here’s how to handle cleaning exterior mud:

Most important thing to keep in mind is that timing is of the essence. The faster you get the mud off, the better off your car will be, and the easier it will be for you to do a thorough job of removing the mud.

Once mud starts drying, cleaning gets complicated. And if you wait too long… depending on what chemicals are in the mud on your car - you might actually ruin the paint on your exterior.


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To clean mud off the exterior, use a high pressure hose water or a pressure washer to remove the caked on mud. Next, use a Foam Cannon or a foam gun to apply The Last Soap. Then let the vehicle settle for a few minutes.

At this point you have two choices: either rinse again to remove further mud and dirt… or proceed with the warm water mixed with The Last Soap, and hand wash the vehicle. if you choose the first method, after the second rinse you would then use the warm water and The Last Soap to wash the vehicle

Once you’ve finished, use a Foam Cannon to clean the exterior of the car, this time in more detail. Make SURE you clean the underside of the car, as well as the tires.

Then, restore the finish of your car, using the NEW Last Coat Formula (TLC2)

To clean the inside of the car:

First and foremost, don’t let things sit. Just like with the outside of the car, mud stains will permanently damage your car’s upholstery, depending on what’s mixed in with it.

That being said, for the interior, DON’T remove mud when it’s wet. Simply because all you’ll be doing is “smearing” it all over clean upholstery.

Wait till the mud is 100% dry, and THEN remove it. Scrape it off, using a spatula… and then if you still have spots where the mud is ground in - grab something like a credit card, and scrape the rest off LIGHTLY, using the edge of the credit card.

Make sure not to push down INTO the mud, but gently swope the mud off.

Then, vacuum the interior, removing as much as possible. There will probably be a lot of dust and dirt to clean up

If your floor mats are mud-caked, remove them and wash them outside the car, using The Last Soap and then pressure wash off.

When it comes to cars, trucks and motorcycles, mud is not your friend.

Thanks very much,

Nick & Chad - Team TLC

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