ClearSR - Professional Strength Water Spot Remover

76 reviews

ClearSR - Professional Strength Water Spot Remover

76 reviews

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We all know that water spots can be a pain to deal with. Those pesky mineral deposits and stains leftover from dirty, hard water typically need to be removed before applying coatings such as The Last Coat.

Brought to you by The Last Coat comes ClearSR, our easy to use, professional-strength water spot remover which can be used to quickly remove water spots on painted surfaces, glass, metal, and much more. 

(note: we don't recommend using it on raw aluminum though, it's strong and could etch it. If you are unsure of whether your surface can have ClearSR applied to it, we highly recommend contacting us first, and also spot testing before full application.)

ClearSR is an acid-based water spot remover that makes quick work of most water spots. We'd go as far as saying that if ClearSR can't remove a water spot, you're most likely going to want to buff it off. Usually for deep etched in water spots, that’s what has to happen. That’s physical damage and ClearSR will remove a good amount, but at that point of true physical damage, you need physical correction. BUT, for a large majority of water spots, ClearSR will do the job!

Normally, if a water spot is on your surface and you attempt to remove it right away, it can typically be wiped away with ease with a bit of The Last Coat or AMP on a microfiber towel, or during your wash with The Last Soap. If left on overnight, usually our Bare Slate Clay Mitt can make quick work of them.

However, when spots have been on longer and are baked in, you need to have a more aggressive approach.

That's where ClearSR comes in. It helps erase water spots and mineral stains from painted surfaces, glass, polished metal surfaces, and much more. What this does is leaves you with a completely clear surface, and does so in a way that won't damage the surface of your vehicle.

Why You'll Love ClearSR:

➡️ Helps quickly, easily, and permanently remove water spots from your vehicle surfaces.

➡️ Gives glass a crystal clear appearance ready to be coated and protected.

➡️ Extremely easy to use. Simply apply a bit of ClearSR to a microfiber towel and begin rubbing the affected area (full directions are below).

➡️ Works on almost all water spots using an effective acid based approach. If you have spots that ClearSR can't break down, you're most likely going to need to polish them off. It's powerful stuff!

Directions for Using ClearSR:

**DO NOT use in direct sunlight especially on glass.  Surface should be cool to the touch.**

1) Wash the vehicle to remove surface dirt. We recommend washing with a basic soap that does not contain waxes or conditioners. You may use The Last Soap as well for this step.

2) Dry the area that has water spots.

3) Using ClearSR, wet a 1"-2" area on a microfiber towel and begin to rub on the area affected by water spots. As you rub, they will start to dissolve and disappear. Repeat until all water spots are removed.

4) Rinse the treated surface with high-pressure water to fully remove any ClearSR that remains on the surface.

5) If any ClearSR still remains after using a high-pressure rinse, then simply hand wash with soap and water to remove excess residue. You will typically be able to visually easily see if there is an excess on the surface. It will almost look "streaky". Simply wash to remove if any ClearSR still remains.

6) Once spots are removed feel free to apply The Last Coat, AMP, or Deep Ice to the surface if you desire. Make sure to do a 70% IPA wipedown before applying the coatings, per usual.

Safety Information:

• May be harmful if swallowed. May cause skin burns and eye damage. Make sure to wear protective equipment where needed. We recommend gloves.

• If on the skin, wash with plenty of soap and water.

• Avoid inhalation, use adequate ventilation. 


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Stephen B.
United States United States



Kevin D.

CLEAR SR - Water Spot Remover REALLY WORKS...

This product is a superb formulation & by far the best water spot removal product I've EVER tested thus far. It was highly recommended by Pan The Organizer on YouTube. And the moment I began to use the product for the very first time I could instantly see why he spent the time to review this awesome stuff and give his direct feedback. When the resin in my water deionizer goes out it always fades away fast & begins to leave small yet super pesky water spots all over the entire surface of my car. So this stuff is the only chemical strong enough to actually remove those waters spots from the bond the hard water has made on the clear coat. Without this exceptionally great product my small collection of BMW's wouldn't look so glossy & the paint wouldn't be as flawless as is is now. No matter how well maintained your car's finish is & no matter how well you take care of the the paint, waters pots are bound to happen at some point in time. I simply wish I would found out about & learned about CLEAR SR from the Last Coat sooner. This product is the real deal & it works like a true boss on water spots :)

Joey W.
California California


I have used a few water spot removers and this one is the easiest. Out here where I detail cars, they are infected with hard water spots and I knock them out like Ali did Foreman. Yep... this is the stuff.

James R.
United States United States

Quick and Easy

5 star ⭐️! Not a whole day chore. So slick a fly can’t land without slipping off.

United States United States


Wow just wow. It really works! But make sure you rinse it right away. It’ll dull your paint if you don’t. Just a wash with soap and polished it with the last coat go2 and it’s all done.

A The Last Coat Customer
Thomas G. Lafavore
United States United States

Not so Hard Water

I recently discovered that the domestic water supply in my relatively new house contains minerals. I unfortunately found out the hard way when I detailed a neighbor’s car. I used ClearSR ~ Professional Strength Water Spot Remover and all the spots left from my pressure washer disappeared. The gel-like material easily stays on the spot you are removing and the spots disappear with little effort.

Rick R.
United States United States

Last coat

I was skeptical. But this is a great product I tested it on my bosses black and silver blazer Bass Boat and it works very well easy to apply and amazing shine . Less is more . Use less get better shine .



Honestly bought this on a whim after watching YT videos about products to remove waterspots. So I went to the car wash and applied it to my two face car lol and it literally removed most of the waterspots I just need to repeat the process and it'll completely remove it! Highly recommend this, sadly I didn't take a before and after picture

Tracy B.
United States United States

Last Coat

I have been trying to find a product to remove water spots from our windshields. Well, here it is! Worked great!

stephen J.
United States United States

Mazda cx30 front windshield

My wife parked under a tree that put little spots all over the car , I had to polish out the car and re do the last coat ceramic. But the windshield nothing out take it off completely, so I used your ClearSR and at first it made a sticky mess but much to my surprise, I used amp and and I know have a clear and spotless windshield. Thank You For a Wonderfull group of products.