The Last Coat + AMP: Combo Bundles

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By very popular demand, we bring to you The Last Coat and AMP bundled together, a match made in detailer heaven.

These special bundle packs are the perfect way to stock up on two of our most popular products, The Last Coat and AMP.

With The Last Coat "TLC2", you're getting the 
World's Highest Performing, INSTANT High Concentration Professional Surface Enhancer that Shines, and Protects Within 60 seconds of Application Utilizing Built-In coating Technology.

And now, combined with our very popular hybrid topper "AMP", you'll be able to take your shine, gloss, and especially slickness to never before seen levels.

Select the package you're interested in above. We're offering even more discounted prices when purchasing more than one bundle pack. 

For both products, you'll only need about 1-2 oz for an average car exterior.

We recommend applying The Last Coat first and then applying AMP afterward, either immediately after, or as an ongoing maintenance topper.

AMP will increase the slickness and gloss to new levels, and can be diluted with distilled water (15:1) to be used as an amazingly effective glass cleaner. 

With these two products combined, you'll be able to get amazing results that LAST in a fraction of the time that traditional products take. 

Select your package above while supplies last.

REAL People. REAL Results.

We've had tons of customers excited about the results they've received when using The Last Coat. Hear in their own words what they had to say:

Tom Brings His Daily Driver to Life with The Last Coat:

Paul Showcases His "Show Stopping" Camaro:

James "Wows" Us With This Reflection:

We Can't Believe Jons Volvo Has 323,000 Miles and Looks THIS Good:

Karlo Shows How The Last Coat Protects From Rain and Water:

David in Charlotte Showing Off His 2006 Toyota Tundra:

Veronica Shows Us How She Used The Last Coat As a Waterless Wash For Fast Results:

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➡️Helps extend the life of expensive, professionally installed ceramic coatings if you have those installed on your vehicle.

➡️Safe to use on vinyl wrapped vehicles, PPF clear bras, vinyl decals, and fiberglass surfaces such as boats and RVs.

➡️Works great on ALL exterior surfaces including chrome and glass!

Frequently Asked Questions 

We've received some great questions from our visitors and customers on how they can use The Last Soap most effectively. Here are the most common questions, answered:

Question: What exactly is in The Last Soap? What makes it so special?

Answer: Now although we don't reveal the secret sauce in any of our products, the best way to explain what's inside of The Last Soap is by saying that it's been "infused" with TLC's coating technology. The Last Soap is a hybrid soap and shampoo that not only cleans and detoxes your vehicles surface, but it also lays down a thin layer of protective, hydrophobic coating. It is, of course, our preferred car soap to use on vehicles that have been treated with TLC.

Question: Can I use The Last Soap in direct sunlight?

Answer: Yes, you can. Although it is often best to use a soap such as The Last Soap when not in direct sunlight, we know this isn't always possible. What's more important is that you fully rinse off your vehicle when you're done the washing.

Question: Can The Last Soap be used as a prep soap for TLC?

Answer: Yes, of course, that's what we do. Now, since The Last Soap is pH neutral, it isn't caustic or acidic. So, if you have previous waxes or sealants that you want to strip your surface of before applying TLC (recommended), then you may consider using a more aggressive soap such as Dawn dish soap which many of our customers do. Alternatively, you can also strip the vehicle using an alcohol wash. Or, another option is to wash your vehicle with The Last Soap, and then also use another prep of The Last Soap as a clay mitt lubricant for our Bare Slate clay mitts. This will also help you strip the surface of previous compounds. 

Question: How many washes will I get out of one 32 oz. bottle?

Answer: Whether using a foam cannon or wash buckets with The Last Soap, you should only need 1-3 ounces per wash. Go on the higher end if you like a lot of foam. So that means you will get anywhere between 10 and 30 washes per 32 ounce bottle.

Question: Can I wash my vehicle with The Last Soap without damaging my layer of TLC?

Answer: The Last Soap was specifically designed for being pH neutral and gentle on your layers of TLC or on ceramic coated vehicles. But, even more impressive is that The Last Soap will actually help rebuild your TLC layer, as well as preserve and enhance it's hydrophobic and protective effects.

Question: How long does it take to receive my package after ordering?

Answer: Currently all shipments are being fulfilled within 24-36 hours, and customers typically receive their order within 3-5 business days in the United States.

Question: Does The Last Soap work on all exterior surfaces such as chrome, glass, rims, etc?

Answer: Yes! Absolutely. We use The Last Soap internally for all exterior surfaces. It does great on glass and chrome! 

Question: Can The Last Soap be used as a clay lubricant?

Answer: Yes. We use The Last Soap with our Bare Slate clay mitts all the time. Just make sure that the surface is very slick and hydrated before rubbing your clay mitt across it.

Question: Does The Last Soap leave any streaking or residue?

Answer: No, applied correctly you should have no issue. The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure that The Last Soap is fully rinsed off after you wash, as should be done with any soap of course.

Question: Can The Last Soap be applied to a car that has a ceramic coating on it?

Answer: Yes absolutely. The Last Soap will help preserve and protect ceramic coated cars and is the ideal soap for TLC coated and ceramic coated vehicles.

Question: Do you sell gallons or only the 32 oz bottles and bundles?

Answer: We don't sell gallons of The Last Soap at this time. However, we do have our "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" bundle on this page, which is effectively 1 gallon worth of The Last Soap at reduced pricing.

Question: Does The Last Soap work on car wraps, vinyl wraps, etc.?

Answer: Yes, The Last Soap is perfect for vinyl wraps, paint protection films (clear bra). The red BMW in our demo videos for The Last Soap is vinyl wrapped!

Question: Is The Last Soap freezable or flammable?

Answer: The Last Soap is non-flammable, so you're good there. However, when storing below 32°F/0°C, it may freeze. In other words, not advised to store outside during freezing temperatures.

Question: What's the lowest temperature I can apply The Last Soap in?

Answer: We recommend the temperature being above 40 degrees when applying The Last Soap. 

Question: Do you offer a trial bottle or sample bottle of The Last Soap?

Answer: Nope, not at this time. :)


As with all of our products, The Last Soap is super-simple to use. We recommend following the directions below to get the best results. With The Last Soap, always remember to SHAKE WELL before pouring The Last Soap into your foam cannon or wash bucket. This makes sure that the detox and the coating properties are blended even in your foam solution. Very important!

If Washing By Hand:

• Pour 1-3 ounces of The Last Soap into a 5-gallon wash bucket.

• Proceed to use water pressure to create suds.

• Then simply begin to wash the surface with our premium 400 GSM microfiber towels or synthetic wool wash mitt. 

If Washing With a Foam Cannon:

• When using a foam cannon such as the MTM HydroParts PF-22 Foam Cannon (our preferred foam cannon), then simply combine 1-3 ounces of The Last Soap with roughly 30 ounces of water in the foam cannon. Using a heavier concentration of The Last Soap will yield more foam production.

After washing, make sure that the vehicle is rinsed completely free of The Last Soap.

For best results after washing, make sure to apply The Last Coat to further protect, shine, and seal your vehicle, resulting in world-class head-turning shine that will last up to 6 months! 

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shawn w.
United States United States
2019 Crownline Boat 265 SS

I love this stuff, I did a 3 step process in the boat first, compound, polish then wax..... I then applied The Last Coat and let it sit for 24 hours after polishing to a nice shine.....I then applied another coat for extra protection, covered the boat with plastic and when I tried to tape down the plastic on to the surface of the boat it fell off, the tape did... So someone like me that’s been in the business for 30 years can say this stuff is awesome... Puts a coating on like no other..... Great job guys.....

shawn wuertz verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Kevin B.
United States United States
Great product!

Product was awesome! Very easy to use! Would highly recommend following the videos they have to make sure you prep your vehicle first I am glad I watched them first before using the last coat. Black is a tough color to keep clean but when clean black looks Sharpe! Thanks last coat!

Kevin Bosma verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
John M.
Australia Australia
Good product

Easy to put on. Nice smooth finnish

John Muir verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Al U.
United States United States
Skeptics review of the Last Coat

I was skeptical of the product as most people when they see an ad for something that seems too good to be true. Well, I was wrong. This was so easy to apply and it gave literally a 3ft deep shine on my new truck. It is literally like glass. I will definitely be reordering when I run out. Great product!

Al Utzman verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Michael G.
United States United States
Valentines detail with the last coat.

Detailed my wife’s Buick Enclave for her as a valentines’ s day gift. Also got her an UGZ bathrobe and a wonderful Italian diner. I used my go to product to make her suv look better then new and that is TLC 2. Easy to apply and wow! What a shine. Finished her off with TLC AMP and this vehicle looks amazing. She was so happy. I have been using this product on my own personal cars. They are a 14 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 1968 Chevy Camaro RS/SS And let me tell you that the maintenance is much easier after this product has been used. And I am actually enjoying detailing my cars again. Thanks TLC

Michael Gerstein verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Gregory G.
United States United States
Love the Shine

Great new and improved product! I shined my Dodge Ram and it only took me 20-minutes and love how easy it is to apply and how it does not streak! My paint is slicker and shinier, plus it really made my ceramic coating pop! Great customer care along with a great product> Hard to Beat!!!

Gregory Gabel verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Brett J.
Australia Australia
My first use of the last coat products

I spent most of the morning prepping my car and really liked the “The Last Soap” which I used in my foam cannon. I did everything recommended on your Youtube video “Prepping and Decontaminating the Surface Before Applying The Last Coat” and I am very happy with the result! Great after-sales service as well!!

Brett Jarrott verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 KitBrett Jarrott verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 KitBrett Jarrott verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Phillip S.
Australia Australia
Brilliant Finish

Excellent! Preparation was easy and "The Last Coat" was very easy to apply and gives a brilliant shine. Delivery was fast and efficient and the kit contained everything that was detailed on the website complete with two microfibre cloths that were of excellent quality and easy to use. Overall very satisfied with the product.

Phillip Smith verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 KitPhillip Smith verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Mark T.
United States United States
I'm a Believer

There are a LOT of products out on the market that claim to work wonders, and be simple to use in all surfaces. Most of them are "Snake Oil", and ridiculously priced. I am happy to report that TLC . . . . DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT CLAIMS IT WILL DO (and at a fair price too)! Buy some now, you won't be disappointed.

Mark Thorn verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit
Ronnie J.
United States United States
Happy Customer

This product is the real deal. Easy on, Easy Off. Love the shine on my truck.

Ronnie Jones verified customer review of The Last Coat Upgraded Pro Kits, Includes Microfibers - 1 Kit