The “Banger” Bundle

26 reviews

The “Banger” Bundle

26 reviews

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Small yet powerful, The Banger Bundle brings you 3 of our most popular coating products, giving you full coverage of your vehicle across all surfaces in addition to the powerful trim restoration features of CeraTrim.

The Banger  Bundle comes in 2 options. 

BOTH options come with the following:

➡️ 1 - 16 oz. Bottle of The Last Coat (upgraded division). Our flagship product. The one that started it all. The World's most powerful DIY all-surface coating that lasts for 6 months with extreme durability and protection, leaving you with a hard mirror-like finish that turns heads.

➡️ 1 - 8 oz. Bottle of CeraTrim. CeraTrim has been blowing people's minds with the results it gets on old and faded trim. CeraTrim uses our popular and effective ceramic technology to bond deep into the pores of plastic trim surfaces, removing the impurities that have built up in the plastic and effectively restoring them to their original appearance.

➡️ 1 - 16 oz. Bottle of AMP. AMP is our hybrid ceramic topper that is "the cherry on top". It helps amplify gloss and especially slickness and can be used as a diluted waterless wash, or quick detailer. Customers love AMP's ease of use and speed to work with. As with all of our products, a little goes a long way!

And our top-end option for The Banger Bundle also comes with the following:

➡️ 5 - Premium 400 GSM Microfiber Towels. These towels are highly refined and looped towels which makes them ultra-soft and perfect for polishing, final-touching, and buffing our coating products into your car, truck, marine, motorcycle, and home surfaces. Our professional-quality polyester/polyamide fabric is 100 times finer than a human hair. At over 90,000 microfibers per square inch, these are the only towels our pro detailers will trust for the delicate surfaces of exotic and luxury cars. Scratch-free, lint-free, and ultra-absorbent, each one of these towels will measure 16" x 16" across and are perfect for cars, boats, RV's, bikes, and home & electronic surfaces. These towels can be washed up to 500 times, and it is recommended to use scent-free/dye-free laundry detergent to wash them.

This bundle was one of our most requested bundles, so we're excited to bring it to you at reduced bundle pricing, giving you the ability to hit every surface of your vehicle quickly and easily.

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Lisa G. Durso
United States United States

This has got to be the best products I've ever used. So easy to apply and the results are great. Love the microfiber towels too!!! I've used The Last Soap, The Last Coat (TLC2), AMP, and oh my goodness! Well worth the money and with 365 day money-back guarantee (which you'll never have to use) you'll ask yourself why did I wait so long to purchase! My 2020 Mustang GT will always look brand new!!! Thanks for making great products!!!

Ken C.
United States United States
Amazing results!

I used The Last Coast and Amp on a 2010 Toyota Sequoia and the results we incredible! The owner couldn’t believe it was possible to bring his SUV back to looking brand spanking new.

The Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle Review
Mario M.
United States United States
Awesome. Really does work!

Impressed with this product.

Jason B.
United States United States
Great stuff!,,,

I was very reluctant to try something different then I have used for years. I am sure happy I did. First I used it on my daughters 2004 Ranger. It looks better than showroom!!!! Then I used the Last Coat, AMP, and ceratrim on my 2000 Silverado. Does it look great! I’m sold and have two friends ordering products now.

The Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle Review
Sheldon H.
United States United States

Amp is great! I use it the most, I use it for a quick detail And it flat out works with minimal effort.

Walter B.
United States United States

UsingTLC is great! The new final coat is awesome made my cars look better ... smoother...richer than you can imagine!!!!!!!

Matthew C.
United States United States
Wow. With ease of application

I know it says for best results to clay the vehicle and stuff but I just washed and applied. And after seeing the results just doing the least thing. Know I will see if it will last the winter. If it does I’ll correct the paint swirls and do the the last ceramic and the whole nine yards. This is just 2 coats of TLC2 & 1 coat of AMP. Even did the wheels. It just makes the paint pop and shine like no other. I also did the cerma trim on the back. I think I have a before and after pic for that but every product is awesome. Thank you.

The Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle Review
John B.
United States United States
****** Bundle and Soap and Strip Bundle - Deliver as Advertised

I bought the two bundles about a month or so ago and I washed our 4 cars when the products arrived. Washed with The Last Soap, used the Bare Clay Mitt, IPA wipe, two coats of The Last Coat 2, and topped it off with Amp. Two vehicles, including the truck in the pics, are kept in the garage, while the other two stay outside. All four were very dirty (am still working to get bug guts off of two of them - The RainX bug and tar remover really has done a great job) and required the full treatment. The week after I washed all the cars it rained most of the week. The cars still looked pretty clean after that, but with a quick wash with The Last Soap, all four shined up well. So today I went ahead and washed a couple of the cars, and topped both off with a quick does of Amp. The video and images attached are on a 2017 Honda Ridgeline and you can see the glass is mirror like and the paint shines well also. Ease of cleaning is noticeable after the cars have had TLC applied. Water beads up really well on glass and paint, and dirt, bird droppings, and other messes wipe right off with a little soap and water. The Amp touch up really was a breeze as the product covered a much larger area with just a few squirts compared to the original cleaning. Counting all the cars and the multiple washes on the first go around, I have gotten about 10 washes and still have over half a bottle of the soap, and two thirds (probably more) of the AMp and TLC2 left. By the time it is all said and done, I am not sure my cost will be much different than if I took all my cars to the drive through car wash multiple times. THe products really do go a long way. I have not used the Ceratrim yet, but look forward to getting it on all the plastic trim of the Ridgeline when I know the forecast will allow for a few days without rain. I have never been one to wash my cars a lot, but I really like to have clean glass when I drive, these products make your glass as pristine as it can be. The reflections on the outside are outrageous and the view from the inside is clear as can be. I highly recommend to anyone that is willing to put a little work into keeping your car clean. Here is a video showing the same thing as the pics -

The Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle ReviewThe Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle Review
Bobby C.
United States United States

I have tried other products but they did not perform like this. I used F11 and it made my truck shine but it attracted dirt and dust like a magnet. I then tried nexgen, it did not shine as well but it did repel water, at least at first. The Last Coat made my truck shine, repels water through multiple rain storms and does not attract dirt and dust. Great product.

The Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle Review
James B.
United States United States
Amazing products

The application was much easier than most products and left remarkable results. I very recently applied the last coat to my vehicle. I decided to go with a Graphene ceramic coating. TLC survived the whole paint decontamination process and even iron remover. I had to polish the car to remove it. Although you probably do not want to hear that I didn’t initially stick with the product, I was very surprised of the durability. Saying that as a Detailer, I will continually use your products on customers vehicles.

The Last Coat The “Banger” Bundle Review